The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

I’m planning ahead for a significant birthday next year and thanks to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, I’m delighted to see we’ll be having an extra bank holiday at just the right time!

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations may, however, not be such good news for employers who will have to grapple with the implications of yet another extended bank holiday (2 – 5 June 2012 if it’s not on your radar yet).

It can be a bit of a minefield on both a practical and motivational front. Of course you don’t have to give staff paid time off for bank or public holidays – but you risk being seen as a bit of a party pooper if you don’t.

It might be a good time to look at contracts of employment to check they are crystal clear about whether your employees have a right to time off on public holidays, whether any time off is paid and at what rate you will pay them if you do ask them to tip up for work.

Don’t forgot that if you do pay for the time off, part-time employees should be offered the same benefit on a pro-rate basis. Hopefully the absence management software you have in place will help you work out the intricacies of who’s entitled to what, when and for how much!

The Jubilee will be a major public ‘occasion’ so it’s worth also thinking about the impact it will have if you decide as a business not to join whole-heartedly in the celebrations. If you’re up front with staff about how you are planning to treat the day – and maybe even involve them in the discussions – there is less likely to be any difficult ‘fall out’ come the time.

So has your business started to think about how to handle the implications of the Golden Jubilee? Tell us what you’re thinking…

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