A leading timetabling solutions provider Scientia has been able to reduce costs and manage its people processes more efficiently with the help of an on-line HR solution from Cezanne HR.

Scientia is the global market leader in timetabling and resource management solutions for the higher education sector worldwide. Universities in the UK, Australasia, Europe, China, South America and the Middle East use its products to help plan academic workloads, schedule exams, and manage space and resources efficiently.

The business, which is headquartered in Cambridge UK but has staff based around the world, had previously been using a bespoke piece of software to manage basic HR processes. The system was, however, proving extremely costly to run, partly because any updates and reports had to be managed externally by the provider.

Information Systems Manager Craig McCollum began to look for a more user-friendly and cost-effective solution which would put management of key people data back into the hands of the company.

A solution with good reporting and analytics was a key priority, together with the ability to link to the company’s payroll system. Scientia was also keen to move to a multi-tenanted Cloud solution. “As a company, we are developing Cloud-based applications ourselves, so we wanted our clients and employees to see that we practice what we preach,” said Craig.

The company reviewed a number of possible solutions before finally opting for Cezanne’s HR system because of its cost-effectiveness and intuitive design. They were impressed by Cezanne’s willingness to help them implement a single sign-on solution for staff. “We were trying to move away from the need for employees to have five or six different log-ins,” said Craig. “What was great was that Cezanne were willing to spend the time and effort to enable it and make sure it would work.”

Scientia was able to get up and running with its new HR system in a very short time-frame. Cezanne supported the business through the data transfer, ran a training day on site, and provided documentation to help staff familiarise themselves with how it worked.

Reaction from employees since the business went live with the core people and absence modules at the beginning of January has been extremely positive. “People have been very happy with the system and have found it intuitive and easy to use,” said Craig. “One of our biggest question marks initially was over how it would work in Australia, because they have limited internet infrastructure there and sometimes have difficulty with Cloud-based solutions, but everything has been fine.”

Scientia is already seeing the benefits of a more streamlined solution which gives managers quick and easy access to the information they need. “Getting information out of the old HR system used to be a real bug-bear, but with Cezanne HR we can generate reports within minutes,” said Craig. “It is also going to make managing HR information much more efficient – one of the advantages, for example, is that we will be able to keep important employee documentation up-to-date so that we know when they are coming up for renewal.”

With the new system bedding in well, Scientia is now looking ahead longer-term at plans to implement the performance management and recruitment modules. “It has been a very well-managed implementation. The Cezanne HR staff were very knowledgeable, responsive, and keen to help at all stages of the process,” added Craig.

About Scientia

Established in 1989, Scientia is a global market leader in the provision of resource management solutions to the further and higher education, local government and private sectors. This includes the provision of timetabling, scheduling, programme and space management software solutions. Its suite of smart software tools, along with its dedicated training and support services are designed to help institutions and organisations achieve their strategic objectives – optimising the use of staff and rooms and improving student retention by offering more choice and meeting student demand. Scientia solutions are used in organisations in 36 countries and 6 continents worldwide and in many of the world’s top universities. Scientia is committed to delivering value for money solutions, service excellence and innovation to its customers.

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