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Can your employees drive their own engagement?

An alternative take on employee engagement this week from leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith, who suggests that companies are missing a trick by only focusing on only one side of the engagement equation. HR is so busy communicating the values, creating positive management cultures and building reward and recognition programmes that it has forgotten the vital […]

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8 tips to re-energize a team that’s lost its mojo

Your team is the best. Renowned for being a happy, high-performing ship, but lately you’ve noticed your people just don’t seem as motivated as usual. There’s nothing major you can put your finger on, just a feeling that people have become a bit disengaged with their work. The last few team meetings have been a bit flat and […]

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How irresistible is your workplace?

What would it take to make your workplace irresistible? A guaranteed annual pay rise? The ability for staff to flex their working hours at will? Free lunch for all? Unlimited paid vacation? According to management guru Josh Bersin, the answer probably isn’t any of the above (although some of them may help). Writing in the […]

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How to: Engage with Employees

Why use HR Technology as a tool for employee engagement? The need to streamline people processes and cut down on admin is often the driver behind the purchase of an HR software system. But the latest generation solutions are much more than just an efficient replacement for spreadsheets. Used to their fullest extent, they can […]

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