Career & Succession Planning

Plan for the future

Right people, right place, right time

Career & Succession builds on the data you already have in your core Cezanne HR system, providing the additional tools and insight that make it simpler for you to focus on key strategic talent management activities.

From assuring key position coverage to developing bench strength within broader talent pools, it is designed to help you effectively plan for the continuity and growth of your organisation, and your people, whatever the size of your business.

  • Develop people or position-focused succession plans
  • Identify risk and readiness, potential and performance
  • Build bench strength within talent pools
  • Manage and track career paths
  • Stay on top of key dates
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Create effective succession plans

Ensure your key positions are covered. Career & Succession brings together information about positions, people, performance and potential, so you can develop succession plans that work for your organization, and check for risks or dependencies.

Flag key roles

Focus on key positions or job families at any level of the organization, and prioritize the roles that matter to you.

Map out successors

Review current talents, add successors, check continuity risks, and benefit from up-to-date information.

Identify risk

See potential issues, such as positions without successors or candidates overdue for a move, or not yet ready


View preferences

Record employees’ own mobility and career preferences alongside nominations from elsewhere in the business

Track history

Get automatic notifications when key dates, such as readiness or time to move, are approaching

Centralise documents

Monitor where successors have come from, and review the effectiveness of internal succession activities

Visualize succession data

Dynamic organization charts make it simpler to see the health of your succession plans. You’ll be able to see the talent pipeline alongside key employee attributes, such as risk and readiness, and review supporting data so you can make decisions in real time.

Review talent strength

Quickly identify strengths or weaknesses

Interactive potential and performance grids help you quickly review the distribution of your talent, so you can make better-informed decisions about development, advancement, recruitment or career planning.

Simply drag and drop employees into the relevant performance and potential sectors, and instantly see where you may issues. It is easy to review or update supporting information or change your perspective to look at spread by demographics such as gender or age.

  • Focus on talent pools, org units or countries
  • Define your dimensions e.g. 4-box or 9-box grid
  • Drag and drop employees to reflect potential and performance
  • Review age and gender demographics
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Take an employee-focused approach

Review current status alongside past positions and planned and preferred career moves, and easily see if you have appropriate career and development paths in place for any of your employees.

Stay on top of key dates

Email alerts ensure important milestones (such as advancements or planned replacement dates) don’t get missed while pre-scheduled reports help you manage regular reviews more easily. It’s the perfect way to ensure everything is kept running smoothly.

See comprehensive profiles

With a single, integrated HRIS you’ll have none of the administrative overheads that come with a separate HCM system. Just fast, secure access to the latest employee information – from career histories and qualifications to absence records and performance reviews – whenever you need it.