A Fresh New Cezanne HR Interface for a Better Tablet Experience

We’re delighted to announce that the new interface that we’ve been working on for several months is now up and running – and gathering great feedback.

“Our aim has been to create a clean, clutter-free design that works just as well on tablets or phablets as it does on PCs”, explains John Hixon, Director of Research and Development for Cezanne HR. “We’ve completely redesigned the screens to be fully responsive, whatever the size of your device – and thought through how to maximize the available space, so that even the HR admin screens work well on smaller tablets.”

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For the user interface team at Cezanne HR, the choice of font and colour pallet was important too. “We’ve picked colors and fonts that won’t jar, and are legible and consistent across all of the devices our customers use,” explains John.

The new interface comes with several new features and usability improvements that have been designed to make using Cezanne’s Cloud HR system even better.

These include:

Graphical employee summaries, so it’s easier for line managers to see key information, including employment history, and how much time individual team members have booked off as vacation or taken as sickness.

Smart new organization chart boxes that map key information, including absences, age, or gender, in the organizational context, so HR can see potential issues – such as: high level of absence in one particular division – more quickly.

Annual overview report, a single graphical overview of all of an employee’s absences in the year.

Configurable calendars, enabling individual users to choose who to see displayed in their personal calendars, so as to improve resourcing across different teams or divisions.