Ward Williams HR streamlines people management for themselves and their clients with Cezanne HR

Ward Williams HR is helping to improve the efficiency of its clients’ people management processes by providing them with automatic access to on-line HR software solution Cezanne HR.

The company, which is part of the Ward Williams Chartered Accountants group, specializes in providing small and mid-sized businesses with the HR expertise they may lack internally.

Managing Director, Sally Phillips was looking for a software solution to help streamline HR processes such as holiday and absence management, and free up time to focus on the more strategic HR issues for the whole of the Ward Williams group. Cezanne HR appealed because of its ease of use, flexible subscription-based pricing and range of powerful features – especially for absence and performance management.

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Ward Williams were also keen to reap the benefits of an HR software solution that is hosted in the Cloud.

“It just ticks all the boxes for us,” says Sally. “It does everything we want it to do, is regularly updated in response to feedback from users, and it is possible to get up and running really quickly as there is no need to invest in a whole new IT or data security infrastructure.”

In addition to using the solution for the Ward Williams business, Ward Williams HR will also be using the Cezanne HR software with all its clients. “Our clients have the same need to streamline processes that we do, and this provides a perfect opportunity for us to support them with up-to-the-minute software and to add value to the services we provide,” says Sally. “It will help everyone cut down on duplication and make processes such as performance management much more consistent and transparent.”

“It will also help us spot potential problems much sooner and ensure that we are less likely to come up against issues unexpectedly. For example, with absences we will be able to see if trends are emerging or if there is a problem with a particular employee that needs to be proactively addressed. In the event of an issue with performance, all the details of appraisals and progress against objectives will be fully logged on the system, so it will be easy to track the chain of events and for us to provide much better informed advice.”

Ward Williams will input and manage data directly for smaller clients, with larger companies having the option to access it themselves and provide self service to managers and employees if they prefer.

“We are making Cezanne HR an integral part of our offer to clients and are really excited about the value this allows us to add as well as the potential it gives us for future growth,” says Sally.

About Ward Williams

Ward Williams HR helps clients in sectors ranging from care homes to the oil and gas industry gain access to best practice advice and hands-on help so that they can reduce their admin burden and respond to HR issues more rapidly. The business also offers employment law advice and supports its clients in developing their people strategies.

Ward Williams HR is part of the wider Ward Williams Chartered Accountants group – and is also responsible for managing HR for the 65 staff who work across the practice in offices across the South East.

For more information about Ward Williams HR please contact Sally Phillips on the details below.

01932 830664