HR Software in the Cloud

How you benefit from SaaS HR

Immediate Cost Savings

With SaaS, there’s no need to purchase extra hardware or software, or have IT staff on hand to set it up and manage it. Everything that’s required to keep your HR system secure and running smoothly – from data back up to firewall maintenance – is managed by the vendor.

Fast Set Up

With nothing to buy or install, getting started is much simpler. SaaS HR vendors can normally give you a log in to your own ‘instance’ in just a couple of hours. Like Cezanne HR, they may also provide tools or assistance to help with data import and other set up activities. Read about support.

Quick Payback

With no software or hardware requirements and a quicker implementation process, payback is nearly always faster with SaaS than for in-house or hosted HR systems. In fact, since SaaS vendors typically add new features every month or so, the value you get from your system is likely to increase rather than decrease over time. See our SaaS HR pricing.

Easily Accessible

As SaaS solutions are designed to be used online, employee self-service is built in from the very start. Most should have robust roles-based security and approval workflow, so that HR processes are handled effectively, and sensitive data kept safe. Some, like Cezanne HR, also have global capabilities at their core.

Always Up To Date

SaaS providers automatically roll out new features to all of their customers as soon as they are released. Releases are more frequent too, since SaaS applications are easier to extend. You’ll never be left on an out-of-date system.

Better Use of Time

Managing and updating software can be a huge distraction – for you as well as your colleagues in IT. With SaaS, the vendor take care of the system, including applying the latest updates, so you can concentrate on doing what matters most.

Agility Built In

With SaaS, it’s easier to flex the system to meet your needs. You’ll be able to add – or remove – employees or users whenever you need to, or roll out the system to new countries. Your supplier’s infrastructure will have been set up to scale with you.

No Unscheduled Downtime

Most SaaS systems are hosted in state-of-the-art data centers, with processes in place to automatically protect your system should something go wrong, at any time of the day or night. At Cezanne HR, we have an impressive record of 100% availability.

Do Hosted and SaaS Mean The Same Thing?

SaaS solutions are hosted in the sense that they are installed and managed in someone else’s IT infrastructure. However, the terms are not synonymous. The latest SaaS solutions are multi-tenanted. All customers use the same core application code, but have the freedom to configure the system to suit their way of working. Hosted systems are based on an older-style single tenant architecture, with each customer having their own version of the software. This is more expensive to maintain – and much more time-consuming to update.

With the multi-tenant approach, vendors can focus all of their efforts on enhancing the current software, rather than having to maintain and manage multiple releases and technology platforms. Deploying new features is faster, customers benefit from always being on the latest release of the product, and costs are lower too.

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