The ongoing cost-of-living crisis is hitting everyone’s finances. As a result, virtually every business is having to work incredibly hard to successfully navigate their way through the financial turbulence.

This is where the role of HR is likely to come into sharp focus. However, with so much on their plates already, what should proactive HR teams focus on to have the greatest impact?

To find out, we surveyed senior leaders and managers across the UK and Ireland to discover what HR’s priorities should be during a financial downturn. In this free report, you’ll discover:

  • Eye-opening results from our wide-reaching survey on what business leaders see as the biggest challenges during financial downturns
  • What HR teams should prioritise during tough financial times
  • How HR can build and maintain trust within their workforce
  • What can be done to reduce excessive staff turnover
  • What line managers believe should be their priorities during a cost-of-living crisis

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