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Transform HR today with a modern, flexible online HR system built to save you time and help everyone work smarter together. Trusted by mid-sized and growing UK and international organisations worldwide.

Comprehensive and configurable

Focus on what matters most

Cezanne HR is a powerful, flexible modular HR software system that streamlines and simplifies every aspect of HR, from recruitment and onboarding through holiday and absence management to performance and succession planning.

You’ll benefit from time-saving workflows and notifications, easy configuration options, accurate reports, advanced security, better compliance and much more.

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Expert advice when you need it

Support you can count on

From free core data upload to personalised training, quick-start services, ongoing support and helpful how-to guides, our friendly team of UK-based product experts are committed to ensuring you get the most from your HR software.

We know that your success is our success, and we are enormously proud of the positive feedback we get from our customers.

Hear from Customers

expert software advice support

Cezanne HR supported us really well throughout all phases of the system’s implementation, helping us to achieve our objectives.

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Flexible configuration options

HR systems for a changing world

Change is a given and HR agility is essential. That’s why Cezanne HR matches powerful features for human resources management with comprehensive configuration tools, so you can adapt your HR software to meet your changing needs.

Robust Cloud-technologies guarantee seamless scalability while regular updates, seamlessly delivered, ensure your HR system is always up to date.

complete hr solution

Digital first HR systems

Smart for business, great for people

With all your data and documents safely stored in the Cloud, time-saving automation and easy access to important information, Cezanne HR makes HR work better for everyone.

HR teams are freed from repetitive tasks. Line managers gain time-saving notifications and up-to-date information, so they can better support their teams. Employees have immediate access to their own records and can stay connected, wherever they are working from.

Minimise business risk

Make compliance simpler

From document tracking and e-signatures to dedicated features for specific legislative requirements, such as recording and following up on grievance and disciplinary events, right to work evidence and mandatory training or certifications, Cezanne HR helps you to ensure compliance is an integral part of the way your business works.

You’ll benefit from a single, secure source of data, automated notifications that ensure key activities aren’t overlooked, and tools to help you delete or anonymise data in line with GDPR requirements.

Terrific customer service paired with great value for money and intuitive utilisation.

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Easy to use. There are a lot of options. Helps me in my everyday tasks

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Everything you need from an HR system

All the features you're looking for

system best practice

Best practice platform

Benefit from modern HR software built by experts with input from hundreds of HR professionals worldwide.

saving time tools

Time-saving tools

Ensure processes run like clockwork with inbuilt automation, approval workflows, notifications, calculations and more.

expert insight

Expert insight

Make better decisions faster with instant online access to up-to-date reports and graphical analytics.

self service hr

Easy self-service

Save everyone time and connect managers with the information they want with secure self-service from PC, tablet or mobile.

global hrms

Global HRMS

Take advantage of an HR system that’s been developed from the ground up to streamline international HR.

advanced security

Advanced security

Keep sensitive HR data safe with configurable security roles, advanced passwords, single sign on, encryption and more.

Multi-language human resources software

Connect your global workforce

As a team, we have decades of experience developing robust, secure HR software for companies worldwide. We know what it takes to deliver international self-service human resources management software that really works.

With expert language translations at no extra charge, easy-to-use global configuration options and support from our expert team to get you started, Cezanne HR is a proven HR management system for any organisation that wants to better connect, grow and manage a global workforce.

International HRMS features
Global HR Software

We particularly liked Cezanne’s approach – not only the range of HR functionality provided by the system but the fact that we are able to get up and running very quickly without having to rely on an IT department or other internal teams. Because we are using the service online, we’ve got none of the administrative overheads or financial risks associated with traditional HR systems – and Cezanne takes care of the system updates too.

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More reasons to choose Cezanne HR

HR management software that puts you in control

From exceptionally comprehensive absence management software to impressively flexible HR systems for recruitment, employee onboarding, performance management and time tracking and more, Cezanne HR’s integrated human resources management modules put you in control of HR data and processes.


Streamline HR

Take the grind out of HR with comprehensive features, time-saving workflows, smart notifications, configurable forms, inbuilt reporting and much more.

Connect employees

Engage your complete workforce with mobile apps and simple, secure online tools that boost communication and collaboration and help everyone work smarter together.

Trusted worldwide

Take advantage of a solution built from the ground up for today’s connected UK and international businesses and used in over 120 countries worldwide.

Fair pricing

No hidden extras or payment for capacity you don’t need. Just a straight-forward monthly subscription fee adjusted to match your active headcount and modules.

Get going fast

Be up and running in no time at all thanks to clever HR system design, smart set up tools and advice from our friendly UK-based support experts.

Flex to fit

Boost the impact of HR today and tomorrow with HR software that is designed so you can adapt it to your changing needs, with help from us if you need it.

Effortless updates

Avoid time-wasting maintenance overheads. We’ll take care everything needed to keep your HR software running smoothly and up to date.

Secure by design

Keep sensitive HR data safe with advanced data protection and security at every level, from password protection and encryption to GDPR compliance.

Open architecture

Improve company-wide productivity and boost the value of HR data with tools that enable easy connectivity with third party applications.

See how Cezanne HR can help you transform HR today

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Frequently asked questions

What is HR software?

HR software or HR systems are business applications specifically designed to streamline and improve human resources management. Also referred to as HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) or HRMS (Human Resources Management Systems) the best HR software systems go beyond HR administration and are designed to connect, engage and empower the complete workforce. UK HR software systems almost always come with integrated holiday and absence management.

Modern HRIS – like Cezanne HR – are built to take advantage of newer, high-performing Cloud computing environments. These HR systems dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of implementing and managing HR software systems without sacrificing the features and flexibility organisations need today. Most HR systems are modular, allowing organisations to select the human resources software features they need to match their specific business needs.

What are the benefits of a Human Resources Information System (HRIS)?

  • Better HR insight: centralising HR data in a single HRIS means that employee data is easier to collect, update, manage and report on. HR professionals spend less time collating and checking data, problems or opportunities are easier to identify and decision-makers can take an evidenced-led approach to human resources management.
  • Efficient HR processes: inbuilt automation, configurable workflows and notifications ensure that key HR activities, such as data validation or approval processes, don’t get overlooked. Information is sent to the right people at the right time, data accuracy improved, HR compliance supported and everyone saves time.
  • Reduced data risks: paper-based HR records and excel spreadsheets are hard to secure. By storing HR documents and data in a modern HR information system, HR teams are better able to keep sensitive HR information safe – and ensure their own compliance with data protection legislation.
  • Improved employee engagement: modern human resources information systems connect employees with each other and with the organisation. They help boost employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Greater HR agility: in today’s business environment, change is constant. A good HRIS will have flexibility built-in so that HR teams can respond rapidly to changing situations – whether that’s growth, restructuring or the new challenges bought about by COVID-19.

    What is Cezanne HR?

    Cezanne HR is a leading UK HR software trusted by mid-sized and growing organisations worldwide. Book an online demo today with one of our friendly HR system experts and discover if Cezanne HR is the right HR management system for you.

    More FAQs

    How will Cezanne HR help my organisation?

    From time-saving automation and notifications to intuitive online access for employees 24/7, Cezanne HR is designed to benefit your whole organisation. You’ll cut down on paperwork, boost productivity, promote engagement and deliver invaluable insight, so everyone can work smarter together.

    How much does Cezanne HR cost?

    For an organisation of 100 employees, the pricing for Cezanne HR is £200 per month for two modules. Subscription fees are automatically calculated each month based on the active employee headcount and the modules taken. You won’t pay more for leavers, employee data storage, support, updates to your modules or headcount you don't have. Volume discounts are available for larger organisations or organisations taking multiple HR modules. Contact us to get a personalised quote.

    How secure is my data?

    Cezanne HR is secure by design, independently certified to ISO27001 and subject to 24/7 monitoring as well as regular third-party penetration testing. Other measures we take to ensure data security include strong data encryption at rest and during transfer, advanced user authentication and authorisation, operation system hardening, and the implementation of multiple firewalls. Read more about security here.

    Where is my data hosted?

    Customer data is hosted by AWS in Ireland, within the EEA, and fully compliant with GDPR regulations. AWS is the world’s leading Cloud infrastructure provider and certified to ISO2700, SOC 1/SSAE 16 (previously SAS70), and SOC 2.

    Is Cezanne HR a global HR management system?

    The Cezanne HR software is designed for UK and international organisations. The HR management platform is multi-country, multi-company, multi-currency and available in 10 key languages at no extra charge. Purposely designed to flex to fit around different HR processes across different countries, Cezanne HR is used in over 120 countries worldwide, including UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, France, Switzerland and the Nordic countries. Learn about our global HR management platform here.

    Will you help me with set up?

    Absolutely. We know how important it is to you to get up and running smoothly, so we provide a free core HR data upload service alongside a range of cost-effective implementation services.

    Do you provide support?

    Yes. You’ll benefit from expert support from our dedicated team of friendly UK-based consultants.

    What is the difference between HRIS software and HCM systems?

    Human Capital Management Systems (HCM) were developed to fill a gap left by old-style core HR administration platforms. Also referred to as Talent Management Systems, HCM Systems typically covered the recruitment, development and optimisation of the workforce. Today, most modern HRIS systems combine both the administrative and strategic aspects of human resources management, providing all-in-one HR software solutions.

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