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We have been working with organisations in the finance and banking sectors since we started. We know how important it is for you to manage HR processes and data in a way that is secure, compliant and provides the outcomes you need.

Trusted by thousands of HR professionals, Cezanne HR is a comprehensive, configurable HR system that cuts tedious administration, improves insight, and facilitates a company-wide focus on governance and culture.

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Features for regulated firms

Here are just some of the ways we support the needs of financial services firms

Senior Managers Regime

Ensure you have the complete picture

The Senior Managers Regime presents firms with a number of ongoing compliance issues, not least how to ensure there are no gaps in responsibility and accountability, that appropriate documents are up to date, and a history retained.

With Cezanne HR, Senior Management Functions can be linked to individuals so that accountability is clear, acceptance of statements of responsibility tracked, key documents uploaded, and reminders triggered to ensure steps aren’t missed. For example, when senior managers join, take on new responsibilities or leave.

Senior manager regime

Certified Staff

Manage re-certification easily

For HR teams, the recruitment, training and annual re-certification of key members of staff adds a significant administrative overhead. For example, organisations will need to have a performance review process that ensures their employees are ‘fit and proper’, not just annually but throughout the year.

Cezanne HR helps you take those challenges in your stride. Recruitment is simplified, training easier to track and the flexible performance module ensures you can capture the information needed to support re-certification, using the approach that works for you.

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Conduct and Culture

Put the focus on culture

With its over-reaching aim to foster a culture of greater individual accountability, the SMCR rules don’t just focus on the what, but on the how.

Cezanne HR comes with a host of smart features, from pulse surveys and own branding to information hubs, document tracking and automated notifications, that help promote employee engagement and ensure key activities are managed appropriately. You’ll find it is easier to embed and encourage best practice across your workforce, and evidence a compliant approach across your HR processes should you need to.

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Cezanne HR worked with us to fully customise our platform to include the appropriate language and company branding that fully reflects our dynamic, flexible and inclusive workforce.


Succession planning

Build succession plans that work

The SMCR requires that firms can demonstrate a formalised and systematic approach to succession and career planning. For example, when a senior manager leaves the business, you’ll need to have a plan to ensure key tasks are not left unassigned.

Cezanne HR helps you take an organised approach to talent pool management and succession planning. You can map key positions, identify potential successors or succession gaps, and put in place career plans that show that you have put in place appropriate steps to ensure coverage for key positions.

Succession planning

triple point

We now have an HR system that supports our current needs really well, but crucially, it is one that can also scale with us as we grow our headcount further

Triple Point

Senior Managers and Certification Regime

More ways we'll help you stay compliant


Streamlined recruitment

Fill key positions faster and more effectively with easy to manage online job posting and tailored recruitment and selection processes that reflect different roles and responsibilities.

Compliant onboarding

Make sure key documents are returned, necessary compliance checks carried out, and new joiners feel welcomed into your firm and your culture.

Robust record keeping

Benefit from fast, secure access to complete employee profiles including career history, skills and qualifications, training, certifications, attestations, proof of right to work etc.

Organised training

Track and manage training activities that are aligned with SMCR requirements, and the needs of your firm and your employees.

Evidenced re-certification

Promote a continuous focus on compliance and culture with online performance reviews and regular check ins that validate re-certification.

Track conduct

Online check-ins backed by dedicated disciplinary functionality helps ensure you can keep an audit trail of the actions taken if a breach of the conduct rules take place.

Automated reminders

Stay on top of important activities with automatically triggered reminders across a host of key events, from ending probation periods to certification renewals, visa expiry and sick leave.

Instant insight

Benefit from robust data management and compliance reporting with point in time reporting and clear visibility over authorisation workflows.

Data retention

Set data policies that flag when specific information should be deleted or anonymised to comply with SMCR, GDPR and other relevant requirements.

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