Taking to the Cloud to Future Proof HR

Like many growing businesses, Triple Point had been relying on paper files, Excel spreadsheets and disconnected systems to maintain records and track time and absence for its London-based workforce.

However, with increasing headcount, this approach was becoming inefficient and inconsistent so the firm set about seeking an HRIS solution that would not only address existing issues but also ensure HR future-proofing.


Seeking solutions

“Basic employee data relating to home addresses and emergency contacts was sometimes unreliable or not always up-to-date” explains Victoria Clarke, who joined Triple Point to take over management of its HR function in 2016. “We knew that any system we took on would need to fix these problems reliably, and help us manage both data and processes in an efficient and consistent way.”

Centralising and automating HR information was therefore a key priority for Victoria and the Triple Point HR team. Similarly, ensuring that performance management data could eventually sit in the same system as time and absence was also a key priority as the company looked to future-proof and streamline its HR operations.

Freedom to grow

After considering other providers, Triple Point identified Cezanne HR as the best fit for its initial and future needs. The potential to add additional modules in line with the company’s evolving needs and growth was viewed as a significant plus factor.

Victoria continued: “The modular approach offered by Cezanne HR really resonated with our senior team. In fact, when I presented the solution to the Board, the Partners were sold before I even finished building the case!”

The company decided to start with Cezanne HR’s core People module, together with Absences for tracking holidays and sick leave.

Cezanne HR’s user-friendly dashboard feature was especially well received by Triple Point because it enables employees to log in, view and update their own time and absence – accessibility which not only encourages employees to take more ownership for their personal HR matters, but also reduces the admin overhead for HR. This also meant that the Triple Point HR team was able to deliver better management information from the system.

The road to Digital HR

A year after first adopting Cezanne HR, Triple Point added Cezanne HR’s Performance Management module as the company looked to digitise more facets of HR in a single system. This too proved popular with employees who liked being able to easily locate their up-to-date performance objectives without having to rely on HR or their line manager to share these with them.

According to Victoria: “This self-service element was instantly appealing for the obvious time and cost savings involved with reduced admin, but more than that, it delivered the useful building blocks we needed to deliver best-in-class performance management for our staff.”

With clear benefits being seen two years after the initial engagement, Triple Point recently broadened its HR system further to include Cezanne HR’s Onboarding and Lifecycle Management module, which includes easy-to-set-up new joiner portals with task management. Precipitated by Triple Point’s 100% growth in headcount from initial implementation, Triple Point wanted to prioritise the digitalisation of onboarding so that it could deliver better people experiences – translating into higher employee engagement and lower churn.

Big Benefits: Time and Support

Pinpointing the biggest benefits of engaging with Cezanne HR, Victoria puts time-saving top of the list – and not just for Triple Point’s HR team, but for staff in general who no longer need to come to HR when wanting to book a day off, check their performance objectives or update personal information. In Victoria’s words: “It’s a win-win.”

The consultative and supportive approach of the Cezanne HR team is another factor that Victoria references as having greatly eased the company’s transition to digital HR, with the team’s product knowledge and eye for finer detail delivering a “great customer experience.”

Above all, Victoria says: “We now have an HR system that supports our current needs really well, but crucially, it is one that can also scale with us as we grow our headcount further – that’s very reassuring and enables me to feel confident in stating that Triple Point’s HR is both best in class today, and is being successfully future-proofed for tomorrow.”