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We know just how demanding the legal sector can be, and how important it is you have an HR system that fits your way of working and delivers the results you need.

Our smart, easy-to-manage HR software suite combines flexible HR features with time-saving tools that will free you up from admin, put you in control of data and processes and help you better engage, develop, retain and pay your staff.

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Onboarding & check lists

Stay on top of tasks

If onboarding new employees is giving you a headache, our integrated onboarding module could be the solution you are looking for.

It combines simple-to-set-up welcome portals with a task manager that makes it easy to see whether key activities, from taking up references and checking IDs to ensuring the right tech is in place, have been completed.

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Absence management

Manage holidays effectively

For law firms and legal practices, getting the balance right between holiday absences and resourcing is key.

With Cezanne HR’s integrated absence management module, staff can check team or peer calendars before requesting time off, and approving managers are automatically warned of overlapping absences. It’s a simple but powerful way to help staff manage time off effectively.

Holiday entitlement calculator

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We have so much more time now and the Cezanne HR system is enabling us to deliver important strategic things – as well as the usual day-to-day stuff.

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Performance management

Grow your people and your practice

Cezanne HR’s performance management module takes the pain out of staff reviews, making it easier for employees and managers to work together to set goals, track progress and identify development needs.

Your workforce gets the feedback they value, and you benefit from the depth and breadth of data you need to make informed decisions about training priorities, career paths, reward strategies and much more.

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Employee engagement

Gain a competitive edge

With talented legal professionals in high demand, engaging and retaining staff has to be a key HR priority for virtually every law firm.

Cezanne HR has a host of features that not only lets you keep your finger on the pulse of employee sentiment, but helps you develop effective retention strategies that work for both your firm and your people.

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10 ways Cezanne HR supports employee experience

  • Welcome portals: engage employees before they join
  • Own branding: match your HR system to your culture and identity
  • Personalised dashboards: let employees access the information that matters to them
  • Newsfeeds: share important information
  • Anytime anywhere access: connect your workforce, wherever they are
  • Peer-to-peer recognition: encourage a culture of appreciation
  • Check-ins: promote a focus on continuous feedback and improvement
  • Pulse surveys: track employee sentiment and engagement
  • HR portals & workspaces: create online communities
  • Career & succession planning: map development paths that really work

Solicitor’s Regulation Authority

Enable data compliance

With powerful queries at your fingertips, and all your HR data in a single, secure online system, compliance with SRA and GDPR is much easier.

You’ll benefit from quick, accurate reporting, the ability to view key metrics – such as diversity statistics and compensation by role and gender – and GDPR data management tools, such as automated anonymisation or data deletion based on your retention policies.

Reports and dashboards

Talent Acquisition

Fill vacancies faster

Slow, manually intensive recruitment processes just won’t cut it with senior partners. You need to be able to act quickly and efficiently.

With Cezanne HR’s recruitment module, you can publish vacancies on your website or to leading job boards in seconds, filter candidates with custom questionnaires, respond to applicants with just a click, track key metrics and much more.

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Managed payroll

Process UK payroll efficiently

Timely, accurate payroll processing can eat into precious time. Alongside integrating with leading payroll providers for a smooth transfer of data, Cezanne HR offers a fully integrated managed payroll service.

All you need to do is ensure the payroll-related data in your Cezanne HR system is up to date. Our payroll experts take care of the rest, processing your pay runs and generating the reports required by HMRC.

Online Payslips

Document management

Banish disconnected paperwork for ever

For any law firm, staying on top of the paperwork can be challenging. Cezanne HR makes it easy to generate, send, track and store all your HR documents: from contracts and policies, to notifications of pay awards, with e-signature if required.

With all your employee-related documents managed through a single, secure system, you stay in control of the process and know where to go to find the latest information.

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Let’s transform HR together

Cezanne HR is trusted by thousands of HR professionals to help them better manage, support, engage and connect their people. Get in touch today to learn more.

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