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Sold and supported by Cezanne HR, In-recruiting makes it easier to manage every aspect of recruitment, from publishing vacancies online to making the final job offer. It connects you to the leading free job boards, and streamlines candidate selection and communication, so you can find the people you need faster and more effectively.

  • Reduce advertising costs and admin overheads
  • Streamline selection processes and improve candidate communication
  • Enable GDPR compliance


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In-built Configuration

Fit to your processes

In-recruiting has flexibility at its core, so you can align it with the recruitment approach you want to take, whether that’s a simple CV upload or a questionnaire-led, multi-step application process.

You can set up as many job vacancies as you want, define different application processes for different roles, choose where your vacancies should appear, publish vacancies in different languages on different sites and much more.


Careers Pages

Showcase your vacancies

Posting the latest job opportunities on your own website or dedicated careers page is easy. You’ll have the option to either embed code generated by In-recruiting on your existing career pages, or take advantage of the system’s career page builder to quickly and easily create your own company-branded pages.

The system then automatically publishes – and removes – the vacancies you’ve created using your specified dates. You won’t need to worry about out-of-date listings or waste time on manual maintenance, and republishing vacancies or extending expiry dates is simpler too.


Online Job Posting

Ensure new opportunities get seen in seconds

Fill vacancies faster with automatic posting of job ads to your website, free job boards and on social media.



Applicant Tracking

Streamline your complete process

As you progress candidates through your selection processes, the system will automatically trigger the relevant email messages, perhaps to invite them to complete a questionnaire, attend an interview, or let them know that they’ve been unsuccessful this time.

Interviewing managers can review applications and provide you with feedback online, interview calendars are easy to see and everyone benefits from a much smoother and more visible process.

Cezanne HR Candidate applicant tracking

We really like the Recruitment module, because it’s reduced the admin involved in hiring new staff – the module shows the overall recruitment process, and helps managers get to know their candidates.



Gain real-time insight

Since every job application through In-recruiting goes directly into your candidate database, you’ll have a single, searchable candidate pool at your fingertips.

You’ll also be able to tag CVs to enable faster searches, set up alerts when new applications match key criteria, track key metrics like time to hire or time to fill, review which recruitment sources are working best for you and keep an eye on overall recruitment costs.


Enable GDPR compliance

With In-recruiting, privacy statements are easy to keep up-to-date, candidate consent can be requested and tracked and you can configure data retention policies to help ensure candidate data is deleted or anonymised in line with legislative requirements and your own company policies.

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