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Simplify hire to retire

Get new joiners off to the best possible start and ensure employee events run smoothly with Cezanne HR’s integrated Onboarding & Lifecycle module. You’ll benefit from quick-to-create welcome portals and a smart task manager that lets you manage any kind of activity.

  • Engage new employees before they start
  • Ensure essential paperwork is completed on time
  • Streamline tasks and get everyone organised

What is Onboarding Software?

Employee onboarding software is focused on improving the new joiner process. It combines welcome portals with task management software that helps automate and orchestrate the activities needed to assure a smooth, compliant start for new employees.

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Cezanne HR Onboarding lifecycle management welcome protal

Onboarding portals

Make new joiners welcome

Ensure new starters feel part of your team before they join with dynamic online welcome portals that showcase what’s best about your organisation and make completing paperwork simpler.

You can automatically pull through team profiles and outstanding tasks, create portals for different locations or divisions, and even use portals to support employees relocating overseas or to welcome back a staff member from extended leave.

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Intuitive portal builder

Set up onboarding portals in moments

Cezanne HR’s onboarding module makes setting up onboarding portals really easy. You don’t need to be technical and you won’t need support from IT.


Task Manager

Make sure important events run to plan

From remote onboarding to orchestrating policy reviews or bringing employees back into the workplace, Onboarding & Lifecycle ensures important steps aren’t overlooked and everyone is clear about what they need to do.


Create task list templates

Quickly create your own task list templates, each with its own set of activities, trigger points and participants.

Tailor to fit

Personalise templates to reflect specific circumstances, for example, remove an activity that’s not relevant.

Automate notifications

Ensure everyone knows what is expected of them with automatic email notifications and reminders.

Centralised task inboxes

Dynamically display outstanding – and completed – tasks in participant inboxes or welcome portals.

Track completion

Easily see which activities have been completed, and where you might need to step in to nudge people and activities along.

Reflect global differences

Create multiple portals and task lists so you can reflect different onboarding requirements, lifecycle events, locations or languages.

Task list templates

Spend less time on admin

Task lists can be set up for virtually every event – from the simplest to the most complex – with as many activities and participants as you need. Each task can be associated with specific instructions, links and documents to help ensure that everyone knows what is expected of them.

You’ll be able to delegate task list ownership to other users, tailor tasks before you trigger them, add new tasks and update participants on the fly, or intervene to delete or modify existing tasks. The aim is to make the system as flexible and as useful to you as possible.


Automated reminders

Help hit deadlines

Starting an event automatically updates tasks and triggers notifications, so everyone involved knows they have something they need to do. Participants can easily see which tasks are still open and which ones are overdue, and even look back at completed activities if they want to.

As the HR administrator, you’ll never lose sight of who is responsible for specific activities or the deadlines for each event. With all tasks managed centrally, it’s easy to see what has and hasn’t been completed, so you can chase up if you need to.


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