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Easily manage holidays, sick leave, and any other kind of absence

Manage absence the easy way

Smart tools that save everyone time

Cezanne HR’s fully integrated absence module makes it simpler to manage absences, and generate the reports your business needs.

You’ll benefit from greater visibility over sicknesses, automatic calculation of holiday entitlements, easier management of time off in lieu (TOIL), smoother approval processes, and a host of other smart features that will save you time and put you in control.

  • Dramatically reduce administration overheads
  • Gain completed visibility
  • Enable legislative compliance
  • Configure to fit UK & international differences
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Absence Management Analytics

Simplify holiday management

Not every company has the same rules when it comes to managing paid (or unpaid) time off. Which is why Cezanne HR offers the flexibility you need to follow your own approach.

Reflect your rules

Define as many different holiday plans as you need, each with their own rules for holiday accrual, carry over, and length of service.

Calculate entitlements

Let the system do the maths for you. Cezanne HR copes with even the trickiest of calculations, like how to handle bank holidays for part time workers.

Cope with global differences

Need to accrue paid time off in different ways in different countries? Or take into account local public holidays? Cezanne handles this too.


Route for approval

As requests for time off are submitted, they’ll be automatically routed through your company’s approval process.

Gain visibility

Absences are automatically added to your central Cezanne HR calendar, and can be saved to Outlook and Google calendars.

Switch plans

Easily change plans (e.g. from weekly to hourly), and recalculate holiday entitlements automatically.

See team calendars

So it’s simpler to make sure you’ve got cover

With team calendars you can include your reports, peers or other employees it’s handy to know could be available. Absence requests can also be saved to Outlook or Google calendars if preferred.

Team Calendar

Help managers manage

Save time, stay up to date

With automatic notifications and easy access to the latest team calendars and employee information, line managers will find it easier to keep track of team absences, and ensure appropriate resources are in place.

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Let employees self-serve

From mobile, tablet or PC

Purpose built mobile apps and tablet support, makes it straight forward for employees to check their own holiday entitlements, submit requests for time off or register sickness absence, so you don’t need to.

Watch mobile video

Record and monitor sickness absence

Unplanned absences can have a significant impact on your business, especially if they are not managed well. Cezanne HR helps take care of the paperwork, and makes it easier to identify if there are issues that need to be addressed.

Register sick leave

Allow employees, their managers or HR to register sick leave, with configurable authorisations workflow.

Upload documents

Securely store a full record of fit to work notes, medical assessments or other documents.

Get reminders

Benefit from automatic alerts when tasks, such as a fit to work note are due, or absence KPI exceeded.


Control data access

Allow line manager or regional HR to see only the relevant information, so that sensitive information is kept safe.

See absence dashboard

Make use of dedicated graphical reports and see key information, such as days lost to sickness, at a glance.

Track absence figures

Flexible search and pre-configured reports (e.g. Bradford Factor) help you identify potential issues.

Support legislative compliance

Maternity and parental leave, jury service and more…

Employees have a legal right to time off for a host of different reasons. Cezanne HR helps you to organise and manage these requests – and stay on the right side of the law.


Share rules and regulations via the HR PortalStore requests (and decisions made) against employee records
Ensure employees read important documentsBenefit from UK-specific international maternity screens
Create specific absence plans for leave plan, so you can track themMake sure employees take the minimum legal requirement for the UK

…if someone is sitting on a train and wants to book a day’s annual leave they can just do it there and then. It saves time and will just make the little things much quicker and easier to do.

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