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Take control of time off

Save hours of time and benefit from up-to-the-minute insight, approval workflows and secure self service with Cezanne HR’s smart, integrated Absence module that makes it simpler to manage every kind of absence, whether you are in the UK or have operations world-wide.

  • Dramatically reduce administration overheads
  • Automatically calculate leave entitlements, route approvals and update records
  • Benefit from comprehensive self-service, real-time reporting and team calendars
  • Easily reflect international differences
absence management software

Holiday, Sick leave, Maternity & more

Manage any kind of absence

Absence gives you unrivalled flexibility to manage any kind of absence, from paid time off to jury service, and from sick leave to sabbaticals.


Streamline holiday management

Save everyone time with automatic calculation of holiday entitlements, easy-to-use self-service, inbuilt approval workflows and management reports.

Master Time off in Lieu

Ensure TOIL is managed accurately and fairly, and is easier to track with overtime authorisation workflows and automatic time-earnt calculations.

Track parental leave

Take advantage of dedicated screens for UK maternity leave, or set up absence plans to keep on top of other kinds of parental leave more easily.

Keep on top of sickness

Ensure that sickness absences are more visible and easier to act on with centralised recording, automatic alerts and management reporting.

Reflect global differences

Take advantage of Cezanne HR’s global capabilities to reflect different accrual rules, holiday calendars and more.

Record other absences

Keep a record of jury service, sabbaticals and other leave types, so you have a single, shared view of every kind of absence.

Entitlement Calculations

Let the system do the maths

Absence copes with even the trickiest of calculations, so you don’t need to. Simply define your rules, and the system takes care of the rest, updating employees’ entitlements based on their working hours and your company rules.

You decide when entitlements should be calculated from and how they are accrued, define rounding, carry-over and seniority rules, set mandatory holidays and upload local calendars, so you can support different regional or international requirements.


Allow employees to self-serve


Allow employees to self-serve

Secure online self-service means employees can check their holiday entitlements at any time, and purpose-built mobile apps and tablet support make it quick and easy to submit holiday requests or register sickness absence, saving everyone time.

Holiday and sickness requests are automatically routed through your approval cycle, whether that’s a single step sign-off by the line manager or HR, or a multi-stage approval and notification process; an invaluable feature where employees are involved in different projects or hold multiple roles.

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The Absence module allows managers and the HR team to approve and track holiday requests and other absences – which saves everyone a lot of time.


Time Off in Lieu

Manage TOIL with confidence

If your company offers Time Off in Lieu, Absence makes that simpler too. Employees can request overtime online and if approved, the system will calculate the TOIL (or payment) entitlements based on your rules, such as how much time off is awarded and when it must be used by.

When leave is booked, the system automatically uses the entitlement that expires first, so employees won’t accidentally lose time they have earned.

Time off in lieu absence software

Approval Workflows

Save everyone time

As soon as an absence request is submitted, the system automatically routes it through your approval processes, which you can configure to fit your way of working. At each step, emails are triggered and task inboxes updated, so everyone is kept informed.

Managers can be allowed to delegate approvals, perhaps while they are away, and as the HR administrator, you can step in at any time if processes stall.

approval workflows management software

Overtime Requests

Streamline approvals

Requests to work overtime are automatically routed through your approval processes, and records updated so everyone knows what has been agreed.


Notifications & Reminders

Help managers manage

Cezanne HR includes scores of notifications designed to ensure that you and your colleagues find it easier to stay on top of what is important to you.

For example, you can trigger a notification to a line manager if an employee sickness level exceeds your KPIs, or to remind them (and an employee) that a sick certificate is overdue.

It’s a powerful way to stay on top of absences. and ensure others are following through.

notifications and reminders manage

Absence Documents

Keep track of the paperwork

Keeping track of the paperwork associated with absences couldn’t be simpler. Documents, such as sick certificates or medical assessments can be uploaded to employee records, and personalised communications sent out using the system’s document tracking capabilities.

And, with the embedded HR portal, employees will always know where to go to check the latest absence policies.

ABSENCE DOCUMENTS sickness management software

Reporting & Analytics

Information at your fingertips

With all your absence data in a single system, reporting is a breeze. Dedicated dashboards and graphical reports make it simpler to see key issues; standard reports, like Bradford Factor, are available at the click of a mouse; and it is easy to create your own queries and run reports, so you can focus on what is important to you.

Cezanne HR Analytics Dashboard

See data at a glance

Dedicated absence dashboards make it simpler for you to keep an eye on critical trends, such as working time lost by year, or by working day, and focus down on individual organisation units.

Bradford Factor scores are easy to see and, thanks to point in time reporting, you can select different reference dates so you can look back at past performance as well as seeing current data.

You’ll have the freedom to configure dashboards to focus on those charts that are most relevant to you, and secure self service access means that line managers can gain insight into their own teams.

Cezanne HR Absence calendar

Benefit from visiblity

As absences are booked in your Cezanne HR system, they automatically appear in key reports, such as the employee summary report.

Line managers can quickly see if an individual team member’s level of sick leave is higher than the business would expect.

And, since the employee sees the same information, it's simpler to have open, informed conversations aimed at understanding the reasons and helping to get attendance back on track.

Cezanne HR Query & Reporting

Drill into the detail

As you’d expect, the Absence module comes with preconfigured queries that allow you to generate reports at the click of a mouse.

Queries can be created from scratch or modified, saved and shared with colleagues or line managers, and scheduled to run on specific days if you want.

Since query and reporting is an integrated feature – not a bought-in add-on – it follows your security roles, so you won’t need to worry about managers or restricted HR users seeing information they shouldn’t have access to.

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