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Cezanne HR’s absence management software doesn’t just record absences, it dramatically reduces administrative overheads and puts you in control.

You’ll have the freedom to manage any kind of absence, including TOIL, benefit from time-saving features, such as the automatic calculation of holiday entitlements, together with expert reports, international capabilities, intuitive self-service for your whole workforce and much more.

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Holiday entitlements

Let the system do the maths

Cezanne HR’s absence management system handles even the trickiest calculations, so you don’t need to. Simply define your rules and Cezanne HR takes care of the rest, updating employees’ entitlements based on working hours, company rules and local calendars.

You decide when entitlements are calculated from and the accrual, rounding, carry-over and seniority rules to be applied. Mandatory holidays are easy to set up and supporting different regional or international HRIS requirements is simple too.

Holiday entitlement calculator

Employee Self-service

Request time off from anywhere

Keep employees happy and help them help themselves with secure online self-service absence management software that makes checking holiday entitlements and requesting annual leave a breeze.

Team diaries help prevent clashes and, with data updated in real-time, employees always know exactly how much holiday they have left to use.

Approval Workflows

Help things happen faster

Time-off requests are automatically routed through your approval processes, triggering emails and updating task inboxes. Everyone is kept informed and everyone saves time. Managers can delegate approvals if they need to and, if processes get stuck, you can step in to sort them out.

You’ll have the freedom to configure approval processes to fit your way of working. For example, to include a multi-stage approval and notification process – invaluable where employees are involved in different projects or hold multiple roles.

Approval workflow, manager clicking 'Accept' on a holiday request

Time Off in Lieu

Manage TOIL with confidence

If your company offers Time Off in Lieu, Cezanne HR’s flexible absence management software makes that simpler too. Employees can request overtime online and if approved, the system will calculate the TOIL entitlements based on your rules, such as how much time off is awarded and when it must be used by.

When leave is booked, the system automatically uses the entitlement that expires first, so employees won’t accidentally lose time off they have earned.

Time Off in lieu

Manage overtime requests

Easy online requests and approvals

Accurately record, authorise and reward overtime with straight-forward online requests and approval workflows that match your processes.

Sickness Absences

Take a joined-up approach

From recording unplanned absences to tracking sickness levels and Bradford Factor reports, you’ll find Cezanne HR’s absence management software has everything you need to stay compliant and effectively monitor and manage short and long-term sickness absences.

Where attendance is problematic, HR or line managers can have open, informed conversations with employees based on a shared understanding of sickness levels and work together to find solutions.

Sickness Absences, bradford factor

Notifications & Reminders

Help managers manage

Alongside easy access to accurate absence data, Cezanne HR alerts line managers to events that need their attention.

For example, you could set the absence management system to trigger a notification if an employee’s sickness levels exceed your KPIs, or to remind them (and the employee) that self-certification note is overdue. It’s a powerful way to help managers stay on top of absences and ensure important activities aren’t missed.

Notifications & Reminders, notification popping up

Absence Documents

Secure important paperwork

Keeping track of the paperwork associated with different types of absence leave couldn’t be simpler. Sensitive documents, such as fit notes or medical assessments, can be securely stored against employee records and easily deleted in-line with GDPR.

Policy documents can be shared via the HR portal, and personalised communications sent out using the integrated document tracking capabilities that come with the People management module. You’ll never have to worry about tracking down important paperwork again.

Absence documents

Flex to fit your absence management needs

Reflect different regional or country requirements and set up as many different types of absence as you want, each with its own rules, authorisation workflows and notifications.

  • Maternity Leave
  • Paternity Leave
  • Adoption Leave
  • Parental Leave
  • Compassionate Leave
  • Medical Appointments
  • Jury Service
  • Public Duties
  • Military Service
  • Sabbatical
  • Careers Leave
  • Study Leave

Reports and Analytics

Accurate information at your fingertips

Cezanne HR’s absence management software comes with a host of preconfigured reports and analytics that put the facts at your fingertips. From powerful insights into remaining holiday entitlements and Bradford Factor reports to Who’s off widgets on manager and employee self-service dashboards, everyone benefits from fast, easy access to the information that matters to them.

Cezanne HR Analytics Dashboard

See data at a glance

Dedicated absence dashboards make it simpler for you to keep an eye on critical trends, such as working time lost by year, or by working day, and focus down on individual organisation units.

Bradford Factor scores are easy to see and, thanks to point in time reporting, you can select different reference dates so you can look back at past performance as well as seeing current data.

You’ll have the freedom to configure dashboards to focus on those charts that are most relevant to you, and secure self-service access means that line managers can gain insight into their own teams.

Cezanne HR Query & Reporting

Drill into the detail

As you’d expect, the Absence module comes with preconfigured queries that allow you to generate reports at the click of a mouse.

Queries can be created from scratch or modified, saved and shared with colleagues or line managers, and scheduled to run on specific days if you want.

Since query and reporting is an integrated feature – not a bought-in add-on – it follows your security roles, so you won’t need to worry about managers or restricted HR users seeing information they shouldn’t have access to.

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