Performance Management Software

Flex to fit your approach

Make performance management simpler and more effective for everyone with Cezanne’s integrated Performance module.

Designed for both continuous reviews and periodic appraisals, it lets you take the approach that works best for your people and your business.

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Performance management software

Continous reviews and online Check-ins

Feedback in minutes not months

Make effective continuous performance reviews a reality by giving employees and reviewing managers the tools they need to quickly capture one-to-one conversations.


Performance Goals

Match your way of working

The integrated form builder makes it simple to set up screens that reflect the way you manage goals, so it’s easy for employees and managers to record the right information.

Employees can update progress at any time, upload evidence and ask for assistance if needed. Managers are automatically notified of any changes and, with the option to associate goals to different reviewers, you’ll always know that the right people are on hand to provide support and feedback.

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Performance goals being built

Periodic performance reviews

All of the insight with none of the hassle

Replace paper forms and disconnected data with a simpler, smoother approach to annual – or more frequent – performance planning and appraisals.

Online Appraisal forms

Match your approach

With Cezanne’s performance management software, you’ll have the freedom to set up appraisal forms and review cycles that fit your way of working, and support the outcomes you want.

As forms are completed online, and automatically routed through your review cycles, information is easier to find, activities don’t get missed and everyone benefits from an easier and more satisfying experience.

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Online appraisal forms details

Your forms can include all of this…

  • Guidance

    Ensure reviewers and reviewees understand the purpose of the exercise, and what they need to do to complete forms successfully.

  • SMART objectives

    Include measurable, time-driven objectives in your forms and/or allow manager and/or employees to add or edit their own.

  • Competencies & Behaviours

    Make it simpler for participants to objectively rate competencies and behaviours, and benchmark against expected scores.

  • Open questions

    Add multiple choice or open questions with free text boxes, so reviewers and reviewees can provide context or detail where required.

  • Ratings & weightings

    Choose how to rate and weight responses, so you have a clearer view of the importance of each employee’s contribution.

  • Development & Salary Recommendations

    Incorporate sections focused on training and development needs, or to capture managers’ salary recommendations.

Process dashboard

Gain realtime insight

Cezanne’s Performance module comes with a dynamic, interactive control panel that put you in control of every performance planning and appraisal cycle.

You’ll be able to see how well each review is progressing, check on participants, add or remove individual employees from specific reviews, trigger additional reminders to nudge activities along, or step into solve problems if you need to.

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Process dashboard

Analytics and reporting

Make decisions with confidence

Inbuilt performance dashboards and reporting means you’ll benefit from complete visibility over key information, from competency ratings and progress against goals through to training needs and salary recommendations.

Since agreed objective and development activities are recorded online – and always available – participants are less likely to lose sight of what has been agreed. You’ll find it is easier to encourage a sustained focus on achieving performance objectives.

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Analytics & reporting charts

Let’s transform HR together

Cezanne’s HR software is trusted by thousands of HR professionals across the globe to help them better manage, support, engage and connect their people. Get in touch today to learn more.

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