Online performance reviews

Ensure a better experience

Create value for your people and your business with a modern online performance management system that takes the pain out of performance reviews, supports one-to-one conversations and ensures a better outcome for everyone.

Highly configurable and quick to set up, Cezanne HR’s integrated performance management module is designed to easily align with your performance processes and fit to your culture and your approach.

  • Enables continuous reviews/check-ins, periodic/annual appraisals and multi-rater/360 feedback
  • Puts you in control of content, frequency, participants and process
  • Supports SMART objectives, competency development etc.
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Continuous Performance Reviews

Get more from check-ins

Make effective continuous performance reviews a reality by giving employees and reviewing managers the tools they need to quickly capture one-to-one conversations, record agreed outcomes and maintain an open dialogue.

With real-time email notifications, and the relevant information all in one place, collaboration is simpler, agreed actions more visible, and managers can step in to provide support or coaching when it will have the most impact.

Goal Management

Bring goals to life

Help everyone work together with intuitive screens that make it simple to set up clear, measurable and meaningful goals that are relevant, easy to track and can be adjusted to fit changing work priorities.

You’ll benefit from the freedom to create goals that reflect your organisation’s culture, the option to associate different reviewers with different goals, and automated notifications that will keep everything running smoothly.

Cezanne HR - Performance Management - Goals Form Builder screenshot

The system is just making the whole performance management process much more uniform and efficient and is saving so much time

Oxford Immunotec

Annual Appraisals & Performance Reviews

Simplify formal reviews

Cut down the paperwork and help engage employees more easily in formal performance reviews that can either support continuous assessments, or replace them.

With the option to create as many different appraisal forms as you need, and automatically route them through your review processes, it’s easy to ensure appraisal processes run smoothly, and you capture the information your organisation needs.

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Annual Appraisals & Performance Reviews

Simplify formal reviews

Include guidance

Ensure reviewers and reviewees understand the purpose of the exercise, and what they need to do to complete forms successfully.

Set SMART objectives

Include measurable, time-driven objectives in your forms and/or allow manager and/or employees to add or edit their own.

Assess competencies & behaviours

Make it simpler for participants to objectively rate competencies and behaviours, and benchmark against expected scores.

Ask open questions

Add multiple choice or open questions with free text boxes, so reviewers and reviewees can provide context or detail where required.

Define ratings & weightings

Choose how to rate and weight responses, so you have a clearer view of the importance of each employee’s contribution.

Gather recommendations

Incorporate sections focused on training and development needs, or to capture managers’ salary recommendations.



Cezanne HR dashboard and reporting

Dashboard & Reporting

Make decisions with confidence

With inbuilt performance dashboards and reporting, you’ll benefit from complete visibility over key information, from review completion rates across different teams to performance ratings, identified training needs and salary recommendations.

Since agreed objective and development activities are now recorded online – and always available – participants are less likely to lose sight of what has been agreed, and you’ll find it easier to encourage a sustained focus on achieving performance objectives.


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