Payroll processing simplified

UK payroll made easy

Cezanne HR’s Smart Managed Payroll service makes running UK payroll simple. All you need to do is ensure the pay-related information in your Cezanne HR system is up to date. Our team of UK-based payroll experts will take care of the rest, saving you time and delivering a service everyone will appreciate.

They’ll ensures every aspect of your payroll processing, from validating employee data and calculating deductions to generating statutory reports and payslips, runs smoothly, and be on hand to answer payroll data questions or liaise with HMRC, if needed.

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Cezanne HR UK Payroll processing simplified

Integrated HR software and payroll

Seamless and secure

With Cezanne HR’s outsourced payroll service, there’s no need to waste time re-keying data to send to a third-party payroll provider or extracting information to upload into a separate payroll system.

Instead, you’ll benefit from the powerful combination of a flexible, easy-to-manage HR system that’s designed to fit around your processes, and a smart, joined-up outsourced payroll service delivered by our expert inhouse team.

Integrated HR & Payroll software

Online payslips

Better for everyone

With payslips and other important pay-related documents stored in your Cezanne HR system, Cezanne HR fully Managed Payroll service means your whole workforce gets a great service too.

Sensitive payroll information is kept safe, documents won’t go missing, and employees always know where to go to find their payslips, P60s or P11Ds.

Online Payslips
  • UK-based support team
  • HMRC-accredited payroll engine
  • RTI ready
  • GDPR compliant
  • Monthly, every four weeks, fortnightly or weekly pay runs
  • Multi-company and multi-schedule
  • Pension auto-enrolment
  • Payment processing (add-on service)

What your Smart Managed Payroll service includes

Everything needed to ensure payroll processing runs smoothly


Data validation

Alongside auto-checking key data, such as NI and bank codes, our payroll experts will review your payroll data before each and every run to make sure it matches HMRC requirements.

Statutory pay

Any statutory maternity, paternity, adoption, shared parental leave and sick pay will be automatically calculated, ensuring you stay compliant.

Payroll processing

Once our payroll team is sure the information is correct, they’ll run your payroll process and send you a full breakdown of your payment requirements.

Comprehensive reports

As well as statutory reports, such as P30, P32 and P11s, you’ll benefit from the same range of reports as an inhouse payroll department would provide.

Online payslips

After every payrun, payslips are generated and made available to employees through their secure self-service login to Cezanne HR.

Liaison with HMRC

If queries arise during payroll processing, our experts will liaise directly with HMRC to resolve any issues. It is one less thing for you to worry about.

Pension auto-enrolment

Your managed payroll service includes pension auto-enrolment assessment as well as the generation of pension enrolment letters.

End of year processes

Our team will prepare and submit your final RTI submissions for the tax year and upload individual P60s and P11Ds to employee records

Payment processing (add-on)

If you would like us to, we can also arrange to process payments for you. Employee salaries and HMRC liabilities will be paid directly from your bank.

Let’s transform HR and payroll together

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Smart Managed Payroll: FAQs

What is managed payroll?

What is managed payroll? Managed payroll refers to the outsourcing of payroll processing and management to a third-party provider. With managed payroll, the third party takes responsibility for calculating employee wages, taxes and deductions, generating the reports and data required by HMRC, distributing employee payslips and generating other pay-related documentation. Managed payroll providers may also assist with other activities, such as pension enrolment.

What are the benefits of using a managed payroll service?

The main benefit of managed payroll service is that it avoids the challenges and costs associated with employing, training and retaining an in-house payroll team. Instead it provides companies with access to a pool of payroll experts who, because they support multiple customers on a regular basis, generally have a much greater depth and breadth of payroll knowledge.

An added benefit of the Cezanne HR payroll processing service is HR and payroll data is held within Cezanne HR’s secure, GDPR-compliant system. This avoids the risks associated with emailing or inputting employee data into a third-party system and provides HR and business leaders with much greater visibility over important payroll information.

Who is Cezanne HR’s managed payroll service best for?

The managed payroll service is best for UK companies that pay their employees monthly, every four weeks, fortnightly or weekly, and are looking to outsource their payroll processing service to payroll experts while still keeping control of other HR management activities. As the payroll service is integrated with the Cezanne HR software, it means HR teams can outsource labour-intensive payroll management without compromising the security or integrity of their HR data.

Why Cezanne HR for managed payroll?

Cezanne HR’s managed payroll service covers everything needed to streamline and simplify one of the most important activities your business needs to manage: paying your staff accurately and on time.

At Cezanne HR, we also put customer satisfaction at the heart of what we do. Our outsourced payroll services combine in-house payroll expertise with a passion for service excellence that is shared by every one of our employees and reflected in our approach. We don’t tie customers into long-term contracts or charge high set-up fees. In fact, our implementation service is provided free of charge as part of the monthly subscription service.

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Will I lose control over my payroll if I outsource it?

No, you won't lose control. When you choose Cezanne HR's outsourced payroll services, you gain greater control and transparency. We provide you with access to real-time payroll reports and data, ensuring you have full visibility into your payroll data to give you peace of mind in the short and long term.

Cezanne HR’s managed payroll service covers everything needed to streamline and simplify one of the most important activities your business needs to manage: paying your staff accurately and on time.

Ensuring data security in managed payroll services

The Cezanne HR system and service is secure by design, and independently certified to ISO27001. We know just how sensitive payroll and HR data are, so have embedded security into our system and our services at every level.

Learn how we secure your data.