Could 2022 see the death of company cultures?

Is company culture still important? Employees share their perspectives through our survey findings.

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Types of sickness absence are changing

Discover the state of sickness absence and what actions organisations should take in response.

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Sickies alive and well?

1 in 4 employees admitted they’ve pulled a ‘sickie’ at least once. Learn about the findings here.

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Trust in HR

How can HR gauge how trusted they are, and what evidence can they use to prove how important trust is to their role?

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What is Britain’s Ideal Office

What type of offices appeal to employees the most? Read their responses here.

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Non-Starter Syndrome

Our survey revealed onboarding processes are lacking across the board. Find out the causes behind the ‘Non-starter Syndrome’.

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Are you digital ready?

Discover the current digital status of the charity sector and what HR teams can do to ensure digital readiness.

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Working from home during COVID-19

How did managers cope managing remote teams for the first time during COVID-19? Read more to find out.

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