London, United Kingdom, December 9th 2022: Cezanne HR, the UK’s leading provider of modern, flexible HR systems for UK & global businesses, is delighted to announce the release of Kudos.

The new feature harnesses the power of peer-to-peer recognition, making it easy for employees to recognise and celebrate the contributions of their colleagues, thank each other for their support or simply acknowledge a job well done.

For businesses and HR teams around the world, finding effective ways to facilitate employee recognition is fast rising to the top of the agenda. Recent research by Gallup found that in organisations where recognition is done well, employees are four times as likely to be engaged, leading to higher productivity and motivation.

Other benefits include improved teamwork and collaboration, a clearer understanding of company values and goals, and better retention.

Rob Cafferty, Product Manager at Cezanne HR explains: “With Kudos, our aim was to remove the barriers to effective employee recognition. Kudos does exactly that by providing HR teams with an integrated solution that can be managed easily, be fun and intuitive to use by employees, and quickly adapted to reflect the values of the organisation.”

Key features of the new Kudos functionality include:

  • Easy own branding: HR professionals can tailor terminology and badges to match their culture and organisational goals. For example, users could rename Kudos ‘Shout-outs’ or ‘Thanks!’ The naming possibilities are endless.
  • Automatic notifications: as messages are posted, employees are notified, and dashboards updated.
  • Embedded emoji library: allowing employees to go beyond words to convey emotion.
  • HR reporting: giving HR insight into collaboration and culture across the workforce.
  • Straight-forward switching: with the option to import matching data from third-party tools.

Kudos is provided at no extra charge part of Cezanne HR’s core People Management System. For additional information or to arrange a demo, please contact us.