Guia para um RH ágil

Como lidar com o modelo de trabalho remoto e transformar uma necessidade em uma oportunidade para melhorar os processos de RH e diminuir custos.

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Performance Management whitepaper cover

Transform Performance Management

Performance management is the key to unlocking employee engagement. But are employers really taking advantage of it? And is it finally time to change the way performance reviews are done? Read to find out.

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Onboarding new starter whitepaper

Onboarding Whitepaper

Onboarding is the process before a new hire starts and is important to promote engagement and essential administration. Read this guide to find out what it requires to implement a well-planned onboarding strategy.

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Transforming HR automation guide

Transforming HR guide

Keeping on top of all HR task can be challenging and exhausting. This guide takes you through the top processes you can automate with an HR software for a more efficient experience.

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Buyer’s Guide to Modern HR Software - Guide standing up

Buyer’s Guide to Modern HR Software

Why do some HR systems cost dramatically less than others, and how do you make the case for a new HR system? Read this guide to discover how the latest HR systems have slashed the cost of HR software and how to win business backing.

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How HR Software Helps You With GDPR Compliance - Guide standing up

How HR Software Helps with GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation creates a new set of on-going challenges for HR. Read this paper to discover what these are, and how HR software can help you stay compliant.

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The Big Five Benefits of an HR System - Guide standing up

The Big Five Benefits of an HR System

What are the features that every HR system should have at their heart? Independent industry expert Denis Bernard shares his views on the features that will be most critical to your HR software success.

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Simplify How You Manage Your Global Workforce - Guide standing up

Simplify How You Manage Your Global Workforce

Thanks to the latest SaaS technologies, global HR software is within reach of even the smallest international organisations. Download this white paper to find out how having a global HR function can make an enormous contribution to the success of an […]

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HR Transformation – All About Technology - Guide standing up

HR Transformation – All About Technology?

Dr Emma Parry of Cranfield School of Management reviews the latest demands being made on HR, the implications for mid-sized and growing businesses and how HR’s use of technology can have a positive impact on company performance.

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HR Technology – Asking the Right Questions - Guide standing up

HR Technology – Asking the Right Questions

What are the questions you need to ask to make your HR software selection a success? Mark Martin – an HR Director with over 25 years’ experience of implementing HR systems at major international companies – shares the lessons he’s […]

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