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With so many of your day-to-day business activities relying on accurate employee data, the value of HR data goes well beyond your HR system. That’s why selecting an HR system with an API (Application Programming Interface) makes sense.

Cezanne HR’s API equips you and your technology partners with a tool that allows secure, effective sharing of data with other applications. It acts as a secure window to your Cezanne HR system and significantly reduces the time, cost and risk of setting up integrations with third-party solutions.

Cezanne HR API: Key features

Comprehensive toolkit for easier integrations

Cezanne HR’s free-of-charge API enables secure communication with compatible applications and technologies.


Industry standards

Cezanne HR’s API is based on the Open Data Protocol (oData), which is built on web technologies and established methodologies such as REST.

Since HR data is highly confidential, the oAuth 2.0 protocol is used to provide client applications with “secure delegated access” based on access tokens.

User restrictions

API access can be restricted to specific users and match the permissions in your Cezanne HR system. E.g. if a user can only see people in the UK, the same rules will apply.

Data returned

Cezanne HR’s API returns data either in XML (Extensible Markup Language) or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

Data types

The API includes table-based and search-based APIs, ensuring a wide range of information can be retrieved and modified.


Customers, and third parties working on their behalf, have access to online guides. Paid for training may also be available.

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Cezanne HR API

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