Here are the questions we get asked most often. If there’s something you’d like to know that isn’t addressed below, simply get in touch – we’ll be happy to talk to you.


How do you keep my data safe?

Cezanne HR is secure by design. We’ve built our complete system and service to keep your data safe. Read more about how we keep your HR data safe.

What security accreditations do you have?

The Cezanne HR service is independently certified to ISO27001 by the UK’s leading accreditation body, BSI Group. In addition, Cezanne HR is Cyber Essentials certified.

Is Cezanne HR GDPR compliant?

Yes. Our system and our support service are fully GDPR compliant. For more information a visit our security page page.

Do you have independent penetration testing?

Yes, we have an ongoing programme of penetration testing by a third party to ensure that security measures we have in place are robust and effective.

Where is Cezanne HR hosted?

Cezanne HR is hosted in Ireland with AWS, widely acknowledge as the world’s number one Cloud infrastructure provider. Our hosting is GDPR compliant, and we will never transfer your data outside of the EEA.

Do you support Single Sign On and Dual Authentication?

As part of our commitment to helping you keep your data safe, Cezanne HR supports a single sign on and dual authentication.

What does my subscription fee include?

Your monthly subscription fee includes everything that is needed to keep your Cezanne HR system up to date and running smoothly, including backups, security monitoring and updates to the infrastructure and your modules. You’ll also benefit from free set up services, access to an online support portal that includes expert articles and webinars, and support from our UK team of friendly system experts.

Do you charge for new features?

No. All updates and new features added to the modules you subscribe to are automatically available to you free of charge.

Is data storage an extra cost?

No, your subscription fee includes data backups and data storage, so you can upload as many documents or staff photos as you want. Storage is subject to an acceptable use policy.

When are subscription fees paid?

Subscription fees are paid monthly in arrears and based on the modules you have selected and your active employee headcount.

How are subscription fees calculated?

Subscription fees are automatically calculated based on the average of your active employee headcount in the previous month. You won’t pay for leavers or employees that are yet to start.

Will you help with data upload?

Yes. We will upload your core HR data for you for free. All you need to do is to provide it to us using a secured Excel utility we’ll send to you. We can also assist with more extensive data uploads. Please contact us for information.

Can I import my own data into the system?

Yes. We’ll show you how to import your own data into Cezanne HR if you want to manage this yourself.

Where is your support team based?

Our support team are based in our UK head office.

When is your support desk open?

Cezanne HR’s support desk is open during standard UK office hours. Any questions or queries that you log via the support portal or by emailing our support email address are automatically logged in to our support system and routed to one of our support consultants who will get in touch with you.

Is Cezanne HR mobile friendly

Yes. Cezanne HR can be used from any online device with a modern browser, including tablets and mobiles. We also offer free-to-download mobile apps for Android and Apple phones.

Which browsers do you recommend?

Cezanne HR is designed to run on the latest version of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari

Read the latest advice from UK government and Get Safe Online.

How are updates managed?

We email your named administrator(s) before the update is due to let them know what new features we are planning to add and when we’ll be applying the updates. Updates are normally managed at weekends during our standard maintenance window.
We also provide online guides that explain how to make the most of the new features that we add, and we may run a live webinar too, especially if there are new features you'll need to configure in order to take advantage of new features.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we provide training and workshops for all our modules that are based around your own system and data. This makes training much easier, and means we can work with you help you get the most from your Cezanne HR system. Training is usually delivered online, in a series of short focused sessions, but can also be delivered face to face at our offices in central London or at your own premises.

Can I export my data so I can use it for payroll?

Yes. There is a standard report in the system that lets you export information that can be used for payroll. You can also upload your electronic pay slips to the system so that employees can access them directly from their self-service screens.

Is your API free?

Yes. The Cezanne HR API (Application Programming Interface) has been created to allow integration with other product and services, along with enabling clients and third parties to integrate data with their own internal applications. Discover more about Cezanne HR’s API.

What happens if I want to cancel?

We don’t tie you into long term contracts, so you’ll be able to move on if you want to. At the end of your notice period, we’ll close your system down and cancel any direct debit or other payment instructions once the final payment has been taken. There is no additional cancellation fee to pay.

Do I get my data back if I cancel?

Yes. You just need to let us know that you want us to export it for you, and we will arrange to store your data and any documents you have uploaded to the system on a secure FTP site and provide you with access so that you can download the data. Data is provided as flat files. If you need to export your data before then, you can export using standard capabilities in Cezanne HR. Once we’ve shut down your system, we’ll also clear your data from our servers.

What do I need to do to sign up?

Simply contact one of our sales consultants and they will put together an order form for you. They will also talk to you about your getting started requirements, and put the necessary arrangements in place to get you up and running quickly and smoothly.


Please note: The information on this page relates to Cezanne HR’s modules for People, Absence, Time and Performance. It does not cover third-party modules marketed by Cezanne HR that may have a different hosting and security architecture.