racism workplace diversity

Overcoming racism in the workplace

In light of the recent resurgence of anti-racism demonstrations, we hopefully have all heard and engaged with conversations about the Black diasporic experience in all aspects of life. The workplace has come to the forefront of these conversations, and it […]

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angry employee covid-19

Redundancies, anger and COVID-19

Furloughing employees, facilitating remote working, and making redundancies are just some of the options businesses have been using to cope with COVID-19. But, such measures can bring on uncertainty, ambiguity, and in some cases – anger – which HR then […]

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woman at desk

How HR can become ‘enablers’

In the past few months, HR professionals were in full ‘troubleshoot’ mode. It’s not surprising when businesses across all industries and sectors were impacted by COVID-19 one way or another. Although many top issues for HR remained the same as […]

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