How to draw up a performance improvement plan

Illustration of performance improvement plan

Pulling people up on below par performance is vital. Not just because it’s essential to the organisation that everyone is pulling their weight, but because not addressing significant issues head on, isn’t helpful to employees either. The problem, however, is that all too often, people come out of a performance review knowing that they are […]

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Three ways HR can boost happiness at work

Illustration of employees jumping in the air

How ‘happy’ is your workplace? Do jokes get thrown around the office? Are people smiling and engaging with one another? Or is a silent, uncomfortable atmosphere where everyone keeps their heads down? Recent research by Ivan Robertson and Carry Cooper tells us that employees’ happiness at work is, to some extent, determined by the personality […]

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Should you be doing more to help your gig workers?

Illustration of Cezanne HR software in different tablets

The gig economy has again been hitting the headlines, with courier company Hermes announcing the creation of a new worker status, ‘self-employed plus’. This move, considered by many to be a huge step towards a fairer gig economy, guarantees minimum wage and holiday pay to its drivers without affecting their self-employed status. With labour shortages […]

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10 things to put on your HR portal

Illustration of two people talking

What is an HR portal? An HR portal, sometimes known as an employee portal, is as an online central hub where employees can access information about their workplace quickly and easily. A growing number of companies are turning to internal social platforms to help employees stay up-to-date, connect with colleagues and work together seamlessly on […]

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What are ‘connector managers’ and why do you need them?

Illustration of a plug

Equipping employees with the skills to thrive in a complex, constantly changing world of work is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today. And, for the most part, companies are dependent on their line managers to ensure this happens. But in a recent Gartner survey of HR practitioners, almost half said their managers are […]

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Want to be in demand? Brush up your digital HR skills

Illustration of digital symbols in clouds

Further confirmation – if it were needed – that digital skills are going to be core for HR professionals of the future, comes in the shape of a recent article from the HR Director. The magazine puts digital-savvy HR advisors in the top 10 most in-demand roles for 2019. There’s no doubt that technology is […]

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