How to get to grips with people data

Calculator and graphis

HR people have long been the target of accusations that they are not sufficiently tech-savvy and are behind their peers in other professions when it comes to leveraging data. But while there are undoubtedly a few technophobes still out there, the profession does seem to have woken up to the important role people analytics can […]

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How to create great onboarding videos on a budget

We’ve all heard the idiom ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ – and it seems that videos are even more effective. According to the leading research and advisory firm Forrester, a minute of video is thought to be worth around 1.8 million words, and viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in […]

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Podcasts for by the pool

So the great Summer get-away has begun. The out-of-office is on, the suitcase is packed and you’re looking forward to a couple of weeks in the sun. Holidays should of course be about switching off, relaxing and leaving the pressures of work behind you. But for many, it’s also a rare chance to do some […]

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Why HR needs to dig beneath the data

There’s an awful lot of talk around about people data and the key role it has to play in helping HR drive performance and understand what makes the workforce tick. Recent CIPD research, for example, has shown that organisations with a strong people analytics culture are more likely to report strong business performance. There is, […]

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