Cezanne HR customers can set policies within the system that automatically delete or anonymize some data selected according to business needs, so as to reduce the tasks of the HR team and help them ensure compliance with the GDPR.

Human resources in the company face a great administrative challenge in managing HR data in line with current regulations; among the more complex aspects, the need to keep the data in a form that allows the identification of the subject (in this case the employee) no longer than necessary.

“During the journey of an employee in the company, an unquantifiable number of data concerning him is accumulated, necessary for daily operations”, explains John Hixon, research and development director of Cezanne HR . “However, when a collaborator leaves the company, it is not possible to simply delete those data: some are used for legislative issues (such as health and safety aspects), others are necessary for internal statistical purposes (for example, the historical trend of the increases). “

The new Cezanne HR features linked to data retention policies, and provided free of charge to all customers because they are included in the basic module of the solution, allow human resources to automate the deletion and anonymization of data and documents according to the methods necessary for the individual company, also taking into account the different internal needs between different units or locations.

“Having customers all over the world makes it clear that, even within the European Union, the legal requirements differ from state to state. Our desire is to provide human resources teams with a tool that puts them in control, allow you to set and maintain different policies for different business units and save huge wastes of time and anxiety! “

The new features include notifications and data logs, allowing HRs to demonstrate, if required, compliance with legislative principles. It is just one of the features that Cezanne HR provides to assist its customers in being compliant with the GDPR.

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