After the last release in which we made the Form Builder available to our customers , received with great enthusiasm, with this latest update we offer corporate HR an even greater control over the Cezanne HR database .

Those who deal with human resources are more aware every day of the need to reduce paper documentation, and therefore errors and waste of time, by moving to digital and centralized, secure and flexible management . This is why the HR Cloud database is more important than ever.

It allows you to store and organize HR data and documents , supporting process efficiency and providing a single and accurate source, updated information and constant accessibility.

Although Cezanne HR is full of fillable fields and extremely flexible, we know that different organizations can have very distant needs with regards to the HR database.

For this reason, our development team has worked hard to create those tools that allow human resources greater control over the data collected and their use.

Rename the labels

Thanks to the latest updates, HR professionals can now rename around 1000 data labels in Cezanne HR, with a complete track of the changes made (audit trail), translations and recovery options.

John Hixon, Director of Cezanne HR’s research and development department, explains: “This is only the first of the many releases that we have planned for this year. We are already working to extend the number of covered fields, as to give HR to add or hide fields for specific users. “

One of the main purposes of this update is to make sure that new features can be used by HR managers. “Historically, this type of functionality was reserved for the IT team, who felt comfortable moving between database schemas, the target catalog and their interdependence,” explains John.

“For example, a field called <Date of hiring> is used on many different reports and screens in Cezanne HR. We have provided a simple and quick way to check where a label is used, so that it is possible to quickly check the impact of the changes made and make sure to maintain consistency throughout the system; this is often the key to a pleasant experience for the workforce . “

Combined with existing field configuration possibilities, such as user-defined forms and drop-downs, the desire is to give HRs unsurpassed flexibility regarding the data collected, the people with whom to share them and the use to be made of them.

Onboarding check-list

We are very satisfied with the success that our module dedicated to the management of Onboarding and business processes is having among our customers , which we released last summer. Feedback is always positive, as are requests to add new features.

For this reason, with the latest release we have consolidated the visibility on the relevant activities and the information of the welcome portals.

“The value of having a structured list of activities to be carried out goes well beyond the moment of the insertion of a new employee in the company,” says Jamie MacLean, senior development team leader, “Cezanne HR customers use it to make sure that many types of activities, from relocation to risk assessment, are carried out efficiently. “

“With the new visibility, the HR team now has immediate and high-level information on the progress on each activity, regardless of the process to which they are linked, so that they can quickly identify those situations where to intervene because there is a risk of not respecting a deadline. “

If you are our customer you can find more information on the support portal .

If you are not, but you believe that these features are right for you, contact us .