London, United Kingdom, March 27th 2022: As we enter the first weeks of Spring, the March 2023 update to Cezanne HR marks the end of a busy first quarter for our talented team of developers. Along with regular user enhancements and system updates, some of the smart new user features introduced so far this year include:

  • New document viewer

Feedback from our User Group meeting highlighted the importance of employees getting a great on-screen experience. With that in mind, we’ve now added a smart new document viewer to Cezanne HR which means employees can now view high-resolution versions of their documents from their PC, tablet or mobile without having to download them.

document viewer

  • More configuration options for Kudos

Cezanne HR’s employee recognition feature has been a huge hit with customers – and our employees, too! Alongside creating a library of free-to-download badges, we’ve extended the configuration options giving HR professionals even more freedom to reflect their company values and culture. Kudos to the dev team!

kudos icon

  • Easier data checking

A significant benefit HR teams enjoy with Cezanne HR is the ease with which employees can update a wide range of information about themselves. This gives them intelligent insights into their people, and a lot more quality data to inform HR decisions. However, at the end of the day, it’s down to HR to ensure that important information is correct.

We’ve been working hard to make that easier by giving HR teams more control over what employees can update – and when HR needs to be involved. That means, for example, HR can choose to be notified when an employee updates key information, such as their qualifications or licences.

  • Faster Workspace enrolment

Cezanne HR’s Workspaces lets HR teams quickly create information and feedback hubs: covering everything from the latest company-wide news, to training materials or ‘how to’ guides aimed at specific groups of employees.

With more and more customers setting up new audience-focused Workspaces, we’ve extended the invitation options to make it simpler for HR or other Workspace administrators to invite specific employees to join.

  • New payroll and pension features

Customers using our Smart Managed Payroll service have also benefited from a range of new time-saving features designed to ensure all their payroll processes run smoothly.

These include brand new screens to track pension enrolment, pension schemes and enrolment assessment history, as well as a smoother year end process that automatically updates relevant employee Tax Codes ready for the next tax year.

  • Ongoing mobile app development

Last, but not least Cezanne HR’s mobile apps have seen an update too, with new options for recording breaks and a more cohesive user experience across Android and Apple devices. As we highlighted in our User Group Meeting last year, rolling out further advancements to our mobile app is a priority for us in 2023: so, look out for further updates throughout the year.