Thursday 17th November saw the return of our ever-popular Cezanne HR User Group Meeting in the heart of London, and it was a day filled with exciting updates about the Cezanne HR system, product workshops and 1-1 consultations.

The full-day event at 15Hatfields brought together the great and good of the Cezanne HR community. It proved an excellent opportunity for our customers to learn about the platform’s new functionality and ongoing development plans: plus, it was the perfect time to share ideas about how we could improve our services and chat with Cezanne HR’s product experts to discover helpful system tips and tricks.

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So, what happened during the day? Here’s a rundown of the key events and talking points from the 2022 Cezanne HR User Group Meeting.

An introduction and overview of the business from Cezanne HR’s chairman

The day was kicked off by our chairman Alberto Gabbai, who talked about the long-term vision for the business and the exciting product developments coming in 2023. As we continue to enhance our product and service offerings, our core focus will continue to be offering a high quality, world class, complete HR software service for mid-market businesses at a competitive price.

2022 has proven to be a year of continued growth both for Cezanne HR and our clients. In fact, Alberto revealed that the Cezanne HR system now processes over 3.8 million logins per month. A rise in user numbers has mainly come about not just due to new clients using Cezanne HR, but also our customers undergoing rapid and consistent expansions.

In addition, Alberto also discussed the organisation’s investment directions as Cezanne HR continues to grow. This will see the business concentrating on 6 distinct areas, including: functional scope, scalability, usability, adaptability, changes in technology and security.

  • Cezanne HR’s commitment to customer pledges

Following his introduction, Alberto went on to talk about how 2023 will see the organisation continue its ongoing commitment to its customer pledges. These include:

  • Our pledge to the continued development of Cezanne HR
    • Our HR software solutions continuing to be functionality-rich
    • Offering better configuration options compared to other similarly priced competitor systems
    • Continued focus on ease of use and user friendliness.
  • Our pledge to continually enhance the Cezanne HR system
    • Ensuring the system and customer data remains totally safe and secure
    • Ensuring our technology and infrastructure continue to be incredibly resilient and robust
    • Making sure it remains scalable to support our customers’ ever-changing needs.
  • Our pledge to offer outstanding customer service and support
    • Always offering results-orientated assistance and support to our customers
    • Ensuring our support and account management teams are highly responsive to our customers’ needs
    • An ongoing commitment to care for all our customers.
  • Our pledge to fair and competitive pricing
    • Prices that are both good for our customers and Cezanne HR
    • Competitive when compared to similar solutions on the market
    • Consistent and fair across all solutions.

Alberto ended his introduction by announcing exciting news about new product features coming to Cezanne HR in 2023: including the addition of brand new a Payroll offering and Compensation Planning module – stay tuned for more on these new developments early next year!

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An overview of the system enhancements released in 2022

Customers who choose Cezanne HR get regular free system updates and enhancements. This means they benefit from a modern HR system that grows and improves all the time, ensuring they’re never left behind. Our Head of Research and Development John Hixon gave a rundown of all the system enhancements released over 2022, which included:

  • User dashboard enhancements – updates over the course of the year included upcoming personal events, ‘who’s off’ functionality, and configurable quick actions to reach areas quickly and to the user’s preference. John also showed a few examples of different dashboard customisations.
  • Time module enhancements – updates to our Time module included improved approval histories, new comprehensive reporting functionality and clock in/clock out improvements.
  • Self-service enhancements – updates to Cezanne HR’s self-service functionality included more views available to line managers, the ability to setup different approval processes, and new workflow functionality for approvals.
  • Performance module enhancements – Our performance management module had a number of updates this year, including the addition of new performance potential functionality, an add & edit comments option, new side-by-side forms to compare what an employee vs line manager may have said, and new mobile responsiveness enhancements.
  • Configuration improvements – Updates to the configuration options within Cezanne HR included the addition of new object management options, such as field visibility search and custom free field builder.
  • Absence module enhancements – Our Absence module also saw a raft of updates this year. These included the addition of automatic carry over expiry, the ability to limit number of people on holiday, max holiday duration functionality, the ability to publish new compulsory events, disability-friendly screen enhancements, job requirements for line manager and self-service users, and the ability to populate workspaces based off a people search.

Along with a rundown of the system enhancements, John also gave a sneak peak of the new Kudos feature. This will help customers using Cezanne HR to build a culture of recognition within their workforces and support positive company cultures. Stay tuned for more on this over the next few weeks!

Client ideas and contributions

John also took the time to talk about how ideas and suggestions from our clients are hugely helpful in our ongoing development of Cezanne HR. 2022 has seen a number of great ideas and suggestions submitted by the Cezanne HR community, and many of these will be incorporated into upcoming system releases. These include:

  • New performance potential search to include gender and age
  • Supervisor email and contract terms added to people summary
  • Employment free fields
  • Continued improvement of our managed payroll solutions.

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2023 roadmap in detail

Lastly, this year’s user group meeting was also the opportunity for clients to take a more detailed look at our 2023 roadmap and learn more about some of the new and exciting features planned for Cezanne HR. These included:

  • New Compensation Planning module
  • Updates to the Cezanne HR mobile app
  • Improvements to both the Onboarding and Performance module
  • Continued improvement of our managed payroll solutions.

User workshops

After the morning session, there were a host of workshops and an in-depth look at some of the modules that make up the Cezanne HR system. These included:

  • Payroll – A deep dive demonstration into our new Payroll offering, covering core functionality and the service clients can look forward to.
  • Compensation Planning module – An insightful look at the new module designed to help managers make smarter, more informed decisions. The walk-through included how users can create compensation plans, budgeting and sending out for review.
  • Insights – A thorough demonstration of our Insights HR analytics module, what it’s capable of, and further enhancements we’re planning over the course of the next year.
  • Success update – This was a quick review of how we’re continuing to evolve our support services for clients, highlighting some of the feedback we’ve received over the past 12 months.
  • Using Cezanne HR for success – This demonstration ran through a number of helpful tips and tricks to help users get the best out of the system. It was also an opportunity for users to ask questions about the Cezanne HR system.

1-1 expert consultations

Along with our shared workshops and demonstrations, we also ran 1-1 consultations for clients throughout the day. These provided a brilliant opportunity for clients to talk directly to Cezanne HR experts and learn more about specific functionality within the system. They were certainly popular, too, with 1-1 consultations running solidly from the start of the day, all the way through to 5pm!

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Client interviews

Throughout the day, we were also filming a number of client interviews. This was a chance to talk with our customers about the challenges they face as HR professionals, how the Cezanne HR system has helped to overcome them, and also chat about the features they love to use. We’ll be adding the interviews to our website over the next few weeks.

Drinks and networking

Lastly, the day finished with a flourish of networking between clients and the hard-working Cezanne HR team having a well-earned drink (or two!). It was certainly great to get together and meet with our clients again and catch up with how things have been going for them over the past year.

Missed the 2022 Cezanne HR User Group Meeting? Don’t worry! We’ll be sharing workshop slides and materials with clients over the next few weeks.

That’s it for 2022 – see you all again in 2023!

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Paul Bauer

Paul Bauer is the Head of Content at Cezanne HR. Based in the Utopia of Milton Keynes (his words, not ours!) he’s worked within the employee benefits, engagement and HR sectors for over four years. He's also earned multiple industry awards for his work - including a coveted Roses Creative Award.

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