London, 1 April 2019 – HR may share many common goals, but human resources management is far from formulaic. HR systems must be agile and adaptable by HR teams, otherwise they’ll fail to deliver real sustained benefits.

That’s why flexibility has always been at the heart of Cezanne HR. From creating great onboarding experiences or tailored performance reviews, all the way through to accommodating different rules and processes across a global workforce, our goal has been to create software that HR teams can quickly and easily adapt to work their way.

The latest update to Cezanne HR reflects this vision, giving HR teams even more control over forms, notifications and calendars.

New options for Form Builder

The popularity of the Form Builder, which allows HR professionals to quickly create their own online forms with approval workflows, continues to grow. There are hundreds of forms – in multiple languages – in use today, with new ones added almost daily.

With this release, we’ve added two major enhancements; the option to attach files to forms, and for HR to allow employees to nominate who should approve the form. A handy feature if, for example, the form needs to be approved by someone who isn’t the employee’s direct supervisor, such as a project manager.

Completing forms has been made a little quicker too, with the addition of an auto-complete option, and there are more tools for HR to help with maintaining and managing existing forms.

Notification message editing

Cezanne HR comes with scores of automatic email notifications, each of which can be adapted to go to different people at different times, saving time and ensuring key activities, like visa verification, probation period ending or contract expiry, don’t get overlooked.

This release sees the introduction of the option to edit the text of the email, so that HR can not only tailor the copy for each type of notification, but to reflect different recipients and timing too. For example, the notification for ‘probation period ending’ could have different messages for the relevant teams or managers – perhaps to remind the line manager to set up an interview, finance to confirm payroll status, and HR to check that
all the necessary steps have been completed by the specified deadline.

The new feature is available for the most popular notifications, with more to follow over the next months.

Pre-configured calendars

Many customers rely on the calendar feature in Cezanne HR to help ensure appropriate levels of cover, for example so employees can see who else in their team is on holiday before booking time off, or to ensuring a sufficient number of key holders or other essential staff are available.

The March release allows HR professionals to configure calendar filters based on teams, and preset them for different groups of employees. Team views are dynamic, so each time an employee is allocated to a team, they’ll automatically appear in the relevant calendar views.

A new toggle option has also been introduced, making it simpler to switch between team views, especially useful for employees who may need to check cover or co-ordinate activities across disparate groups of employees.

The March 2019 update also includes more options for search and report scheduling, extensions to the Health & Safety functionality and a quicker way to display more levels in organisation charts.

Full details of this release, and all previous updates, are available to customers in the support portal.