London, 8 July 2019 – With continuous improvement at the heart of the Cezanne HR service, we’re delighted to announce that the fifth update this year to the Cezanne HR system in now live.

The release includes powerful new features designed to help HR save time, work smarter, engage employees and get even more value from their Cezanne HR service.

New additions to Cezanne HR’s integrated Cloud HR software suite include:

More flexibility over GDPR data deletion & anonymisation

GDPR compliance has added significant administrative overheads for HR teams, not least of which is to ensure that employees’ personal information is deleted or anonymised in line with the legislation and their business requirements.

Cezanne HR makes this straightforward, allowing HR teams to set up policies that automate this process, saving time and reducing the risk of inadvertently retaining information that could breach the regulation.

In this update, we’ve added the option to allow HR to choose between allowing the system to automatically apply their rules, or to manually review data identified for deletion or anonymisation first, providing additional peace of mind that policies are running as intended.

New absence monitoring report

Following customer feedback, we’ve added a new report to the Absence module that provides easier insight into key absence metrics, such as cost of absence, absence percentage and Bradford Factor.

The new report allows HR teams to slice and dice the data to get the information they need, for example to select the metrics they want to view, focus in on specific areas of the business, and review information based on date ranges.

More editing options for notifications

We’ve now added text editing to virtually all the notifications that the Cezanne HR system sends out, allowing HR teams to tailor communications to reflect their company culture and branding.
It’s just one of the ways we’re helping HR teams to adapt Cezanne HR to facilitate communication and improve the employee experience.

2020 UK Bank Holiday Update

For customers with employees in the UK a small – but extremely useful – update is to the events calendar, which now reflects the new date for the 2020 Early May Bank Holiday.

Applying the new events calendar will make sure their Cezanne HR system accurately calculates key data, such as entitlement to paid time off or cost of absence.

Other new features available in this release include greater flexibility over editing of timesheets for approving managers, and enhancements to security credentials.

Customers can access the full details of this and previous updates to Cezanne HR via Cezanne HR’s dedicated support portal.