Even smarter task management, faster template set up and more engaging employee profiles: just some of the new features now available in the September 2018 update to Cezanne HR.

August has been another busy month for our QA and development teams: the latest crop of new features made it through our rigorous testing process, and work is well underway on the next set of exciting product enhancements – details of which we’ll be sharing with customers at the upcoming UK user group meeting in October.

Highlights from the latest update, all now available to customers, include:

Even smarter task management

It’s often the case that you’ll want to task teams – for example, IT or finance – rather than individual employees with the responsibility to complete key activities, perhaps to ensure the right equipment is in place for a new joiner, or actioning a change of hours or work location.

Cezanne HR’s Onboarding and Lifecycle module now makes managing that even simpler. Tasks can be allocated to groups of employees based on either security roles or your own selections; and, to avoid confusion, individual team members can self-nominate themselves to complete specific tasks, ensuring that it’s clear where the final responsibility lies.

We’ve also thought through ‘what happens if’. So, for example, if a team member can no longer complete the task, they can put it back in the pot, or HR can step in to take back or reallocate an activity.

More options for reminders

Ever had to chase someone up on a deadline because they seem to be ignoring the automatic notifications, or you need them to complete a task a bit earlier than first anticipated? This is the solution for you! There is now the option for HR administrators to easily send personalised email messages directly from the open or pending task in the Onboarding & Lifecycle module.

Faster task list template set up

If you’ve already tried out Cezanne HR’s Onboarding & Lifecycle module, you’ll have discovered the power of task list templates. They enable a much more consistent and time-efficient way to ensure that a whole host of activities – from onboarding to company-wide events – run smoothly.

Following feedback from clients, we’ve added the option to clone an existing task list template and quickly adjust it to fit different requirements – saving you even more time.

More engaging employee bios

People and relationships power your business, so letting employees bring their personal profiles to life makes perfect sense – especially in larger companies where staff may rarely meet face to face.

With this release, the bio feature first introduced with the Onboarding module can now be switched on in the core People module and made available to everyone through the contact list.

Greater insight into performance and potential

A common challenge for HR teams is how to easily check on the health of different talent pools in the business. For example, to identity how many high performers you have amongst your teaching staff or IT specialists, who have potential to develop further, and where there might there be gaps you need to fill.

To make this more straight-forward, we’ve added the option in the Career & Succession module to split your employee into multiple talent groups – and map them into their own unique n-box grids.

Quick upload of 2020 public holidays

Last, but not least, for those of you with employees already looking forward to booking time off in 2020, the local calendars for 14 key countries are now available to apply to your absence plans, so you won’t need to enter them manually. Yet another time-saving feature that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Full information about these features and the other enhancements available in this release, are available to customers through the Cezanne HR support portal.