The latest updates to Cezanne HR includes significant new functionality for multi-rater performance reviews, a news feed widget for the Cezanne HR dashboards and a smarter way of displaying time off.

Support for multi-rater/360 performance reviews

Cezanne HR’s configurable Performance management module is now even more flexible, with a new option to easily widen the scope of employee performance reviews to include feedback from their peers, multiple supervisors and, where appropriate, subordinates or other people in the organisation.

The new functionality has been designed to both reflect the breadth of customer requirements, and to be tailored by HR administrators to fit their own requirements. HR can choose, for example, to let individual managers or supervisors decide who should provide feedback on their team member; or allow employees to make that choice, as well as defining whether (and at what point) these reviews can be seen by the employee.

John Hixon, Cezanne HR’s Director of R&D explains: “For performance reviews to really work, HR teams need the freedom to put together appraisal forms and review processes that fit the requirements of their business today, and can be adapted easily as needs change. The Cezanne HR Performance Management module provides that flexibility. It’s designed to take out the administrative overheads of managing performance reviews, without dictating to companies the approach they have to take. Our aim has been to make performance management more useful and more  sustainable for everyone involved.”

The release also adds more filtering for faster searches of appraisals, and the option to duplicate rating scales of the same type, speeding up the time taken to set up new performance forms.

Newsfeed widget for the home screen

There’s now the option to add a news feed widget to the Cezanne HR home page. It’s something that’s been requested by a number of customers, and a great way to ensure employees see the latest posts to your HR portal, or in any of the social workspaces they subscribe to, as soon as they log into the Cezanne HR system. As now, employees still have the option to receive daily updates by email.

Other enhancements include a half day indicator on monthly calendars, so it’s easier to see when someone is off for just part of the day, and improvements to the personal summary screen.

If you are an existing customer, these features will have been automatically added to your Cezanne HR system at the weekend. For more information, please visit your support portal.