While many businesses now benefit from the flexibility that comes with the gig economy, atypical contractual arrangements (where some employees work hours that vary from week to week or month to month) can create significant administrative challenges, particularly around booking absences.

The latest release of Cezanne HR introduces new features to speed up and simplify the way this information can be recorded.

Employees can now be flagged as being on a flexible hours contract, with no need to specify in advance the actual days or hours they will work. When booking an absence or paid time off, the time to deduct from the entitlement is simply entered into the system and the remaining holiday entitlement is automatically calculated from it. This can be applied to any type of worker, so could cover occasional staff or contractors, as well as those employed on a flexible or zero hour contracts.

working hours

Self-service is still available, so flexible-hours workers can be allowed to request holiday online, and have those request routed for approval, or even block out days when they won’t be available to work.

We’ve also added the ability to easily upload (or manually enter) the hours worked by any of your employees and automatically calculate holiday entitlements from them. This saves time if you use a third party for timesheets, or you track hours worked in a spreadsheet.

Using Cezanne HR to accurately record the time worked by all of your employees – regardless of their contract status – benefits not just HR, but the whole business. Time-consuming but essential administrative tasks (such as holiday approvals) are streamlined, managers can quickly see who may or may not be available to work and the business has greater visibility over the resources it actually uses.