2022 was a busy year here at Cezanne HR. Along with our usual free system updates and enhancements, we launched the fabulous new Pulse Surveys module, Kudos for employee recognition, our smart Managed Payroll service, and welcomed the return of our ever-popular User Group meeting.

In addition, Cezanne HR grew as a business – by nearly 25% in fact! We’ve been thrilled to welcome a huge number of new clients on board over the past year. And, perhaps most importantly, we’ve also seen record numbers of clients either retain or extend their scope of service with us.

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With Cezanne HR being used by more people than ever before in 156 countries worldwide, we thought it would be fun to delve deep into inner workings of the system and find out just how it’s used by our clients. Here are some of the more interesting facts and figures we discovered…

Performance appraisals were a big deal for many organisations, especially in December

With many businesses looking to improve workplace efficiencies during challenging financial times, it perhaps came as no surprise that we found a focus on employee performance. Over the course of 2022, 104,823 staff performance appraisal forms were created using the integrated Cezanne HR Performance Management system, along with 103,670 Performance Reviews.

December proved to be the most popular month for appraisals, and with over 12,000 appraisal forms being created during this time, it confirmed that many businesses still rely upon traditional end-of-year reviews to evaluate the performance of their workforce. In comparison, August appeared to be the least popular month for appraisals, with less than 4,000 forms created over that period.

Clearly, many organisations who use Cezanne HR are placing an emphasis on using technology to support their performance review process. That’s because the integrated Performance module removes all the most common barriers HR teams experience when it comes to effective performance management. To find out how, just follow this link.

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Despite tough trading conditions, our clients appeared to enjoy growth

One of the more interesting bits of data we discovered was that, despite a recession and cost-of-living crisis, many of our clients experienced a degree of growth.

Throughout 2022, the number of New Hire workflows added into Cezanne HR exceeded the number of workflows created for Leavers: with 13,510 more workflows created for new hires compared to leavers. However, the margin did narrow in the last couple of months of 2022.

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Although it’s encouraging to see so many businesses thriving, the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and a potentially deepening recession is sure to hit everyone’s finances – including those of businesses. As you can see from the figures above, the numbers of starters compared to leavers did begin to drop slightly as we entered the last two months of 2022 – was this just a blip, or signs of something more concerning?

Either way, organisations this year will have to work incredibly hard to successfully navigate their way through the ongoing financial turmoil. To discover how HR can support businesses during a recession, why not have a read of our latest exclusive report? Just hit this link to find out more.

The configurable forms functionality was incredibly popular with users in 2022

One of our most popular features within Cezanne HR is the configurable forms functionality. This is where HR teams create all manner of administrative forms: from company policies, to weekly check-ins, absence reviews and leaver exit questionnaires – the sky really is the limit!

In total, 108,067 forms were created or modified in 2022 – with clients on average creating 8 new company forms over the course of the year (although one busy client created a massive 107!). This statistic clearly indicates that our clients are really making use of configurable forms to easily capture vital information, and ditch more labour (and resource) intensive paper-based forms.

To get a better understanding of how Cezanne HR’s configurable forms have helped improve the lives of HR professionals, why not take a look at this case study?

Our clients love editing their user dashboards

Another feature that is regularly singled out for praise by our customers is the ability to edit user dashboards, and its popularity was confirmed in 2022 with 22,296 individual dashboards being created within Cezanne HR.

Instead of having a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, Cezanne HR allows users to customise their dashboards to display the data they need at a glance. In addition, role-based security means employees, line managers and restricted HR professionals only see the data they have permission to see – ensuring sensitive HR data is kept safe and secure.

But, it’s not just the data but the dashboard’s content that can be edited. Users can also change the design, backgrounds and colours of their dashboard to match their company branding, or simply to give it a personal touch – helping generate or maintain critical brand engagement.

Over 688,000 days were lost to sickness absence…

Given the ongoing effects of COVID-19 – not to mention the multitude of cold and flu bugs that seem to be going around – it wasn’t surprising for us to learn that a huge number of sickness-related absences were recorded last year.

sickness by day

In total, 688,829 sickness absence days were recorded in Cezanne HR’s Absence Management module. Digging a little deeper into that number, we found that Wednesday was the most common day for sickness absences, with 132,726 being logged on the system.

… And over 2.5 million absence days were logged by Cezanne HR users in 2022

Including sickness-related absences, there were a total of 2,516,448 absence days logged within the Cezanne HR Absence Management module during 2022. December was the most ‘popular’ month for absences (both planned and unplanned), with 387,018 being recorded, followed by August (243,918) and July (213,249). When it comes to booking holidays, Friday was the most popular day to be booked off: with over 700,000 annual leave requests being processed.

With short-term unplanned absences potentially being hugely detrimental to productivity and growth, it’s essential HR teams find the right balance when it comes to managing absences effectively. To learn more about this topic, why not hit this link and have a read of our blog?

Over 750,000 timesheets were logged and processed in 2022

Lastly, it seems our clients are definitely a productive lot! 2022 saw 755,457 Timesheets submitted  by users throughout the course of the year.

Like all of Cezanne HR’s modules, the Time modules makes tracking time simpler and more convenient for all employees. Best of all, it also dispenses with inefficient and insecure paper-based timesheets; replacing them with intuitive self-service functionality and inbuilt validation.

So, what interesting stats will 2023 bring? Tune in next year to find out!

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Paul Bauer

Paul Bauer is the Head of Content at Cezanne HR. Based in the Utopia of Milton Keynes (his words, not ours!) he’s worked within the employee benefits, engagement and HR sectors for over four years. He's also earned multiple industry awards for his work - including a coveted Roses Creative Award.