Have you transformed your business with the innovative use of HR technology? If so, don’t hide your light under a bushel – put yourself forward for some well-deserved recognition by entering this year’s Personnel Today Awards.

The ‘Excellence in HR through Technology’ category (sponsored by Cezanne HR) aims to recognise organisations that are bringing about real business benefits through their use of technology. The judges are looking for people who have led an innovative project, driven down costs, been courageous in implementing change or achieved great results in the last 18 months.

It’s well worth making the effort to enter. It’s an opportunity to share what you’ve learnt with others and get some kudos within the business. Just the exercise of sitting down and analysing what you’ve done can be a real morale-booster for the team – and can help you raise your personal profile. And of course, if you are shortlisted, there’s the glittering awards ceremony at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel to look forward to in November.

There’s a bit of a knack to putting together a winning award entry. The following tips are designed to help boost your chances of success in this, and indeed any other industry awards:

1. Follow the entry guidelines

It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people scupper their chances by not following the entry guidelines. The rules are there to help the judges assess all the entries on a level playing field, so make sure your entry fits the criteria and stick to the word count. Get started now (compiling the information can take longer than you think) to make sure you don’t miss the deadline (8th June 2018).

2. Tell a compelling story

Catch the judge’s interest by telling a clear and engaging story. What was the issue that prompted you to look for an HR technology solution? How did you communicate about the project and support the implementation? What happened as a result? Make sure your entry has a logical flow and is written in clear, simple, jargon-free language.

3. Use supporting material selectively

Most awards will give you the opportunity to provide supporting material, but don’t get carried away. The judges don’t want to wade through reams of documents. Could you include a short video clip of a manager explaining how the system has helped them manage their team more effectively? Would a copy of any promotional or training material help underline your approach to getting everyone on board? Be selective and think carefully about what kind of material will best illustrate your story.

4. Highlight the benefit

The judges don’t just want to know which systems you implemented, they want to know how it has benefited the business overall. Has the technology helped you to reduce absence levels by pinpointing trends, highlighting hotspots and giving a clear overview of what’s happening in the business? Or maybe you’ve been able to get new initiatives off the ground faster by using your internal social portal to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing? Demonstrate how you’ve been able to really make a difference.

5. Include the hard evidence

Make sure you can back up your claims with the facts and figures. The judges will be looking for solid evidence of what you’ve achieved and being able to provide this is often what gives entries a winning edge. Think carefully about what HR measures you can provide. It could be anything from stats about employee turnover or absence levels through to improved customer satisfaction ratings or increased productivity levels. Make it clear what the return on investment of your HR technology project has been.

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Erika Lucas

Writer and Communications Consultant

Erika Lucas is a writer and communications consultant with a special interest in HR, leadership, management and personal development. Her career has spanned journalism and PR, with previous roles in regional press, BBC Radio, PR consultancy, charities and business schools.