London, United Kingdom: Cezanne HR, the UK’s leading supplier of modern, flexible and feature-rich HR systems for mid-sized businesses, announce the latest update to their global HR platform.

The June release includes a closer integration with Microsoft calendars and a brand-new way of seeing absences and other employee events across companies, departments or teams.

Annual calendar view

“We’d had a couple of customers asking if we could add an annual team overview to the calendar views in Cezanne HR”, explains John Hixon, Director of R&D. “They wanted their managers to have a quick and easy way to see how many of their team were off at anyone time to help with forward planning.”

“As we have that data in Cezanne HR, pulling it together into a view that can be filtered by groups of employees on the fly made a lot of sense.”

HR administrators can choose which type of events to display and how much information to give, as well as restrict calendar views based on security roles. This means, for example, a team lead could see more information about their direct reports than managers elsewhere in the business. Or, HR in one country could only see detailed information in their own geographic area – an important consideration for international organisations and an essential feature of any global HRMS.

Microsoft Outlook integration

Another exciting addition this month is Cezanne HR’s integration with Microsoft Outlook. As new events are added in Cezanne HR, such as holidays, sick leave, training or remote working, they can now be sent automatically to the individual employee’s Outlook calendar.

Importantly, if an event is removed from the employee’s record in Cezanne HR, it will be reflected in the Outlook calendar. This integration ensures there is no need for manual updates or to worry about calendars being out of sync.

Further information about these features and other updates included in the June 2022 release is available to customer through the support portal.