Extra dashboard and workspace configuration options prove a hit with customers

19th April 2021, London UK: Cezanne HR, the leading UK-headquartered supplier of flexible UK & global HR systems, reports scores of new employee workspaces have been created following the release of new features for their HR portals and dashboards.

“Customers love the extra flexibility”, says Silvia Persico, head of customer success at Cezanne HR. “It’s really straight forward for them to add videos and, as HR teams can set up as many workspaces as they want, each with its own content, we are seeing them being used in very creative ways”.

Popular portals in 2021 include workspaces focused on employee wellbeing and working from home, as well as training and development portals targeted at different groups of employees, such as new joiners and senior managers.

wellness portal workspace

The workspace functionality in Cezanne HR allows HR professionals and other employees with appropriate permissions to set up company-wide or private HR portals in just a few minutes. Alongside videos, workspaces can include informational pages, links to company documents and external websites, embedded i-frames, such as newsfeeds, and feedback forums. The latter allow portal members to ask questions, get answers and share news with others in their community.

In common with Cezanne HR’s employee and manager dashboards, workspaces are designed to be easily configured by HR teams to reflect company culture and branding. They also share the global capabilities of Cezanne HR, so can be deployed in different languages to different groups of employees.

Cezanne HR’s workspaces are just one of the many ways Cezanne HR’s modern HR software and intuitive employee self-service helps HR teams create a great employee experience that promote company culture, fosters collaboration and improves communication.

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