Employee Self-service HR software

A better experience for everyone

Employee self-service software provides employees with easy online access to their own information, connects managers with their teams and help employees keep in touch. Easy to use and own brand, Cezanne HR’s HR self-service software and smart time-saving features lets you transform HR for all your people.

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Employee self-service software

Boost engagement and productivity

Employee self-service software benefits everyone. Information is easier to keep up to date, processes run more smoothly, and key activities don’t get overlooked. Employees can help themselves and HR saves time.

Personal profiles

Help employees help you

Self-service HR software makes it simple for employees to keep their own information up to date. With Cezanne HR, you can give them the freedom to review their profiles and, depending on the security permissions you set, update information, like their contact details, next of kin, photos or externally gained skills and qualifications.

Important changes, such as updating or adding new bank details or their home address, can be routed through approval cycles for easy validation. And, with employees managing their own data, it’s one less administration overhead for HR.

employee profiles
Personal profile in ipad

Documents & forms

Digitise documents

From digital payslips to the latest policies, safe, secure online access to documents is only a click away.

Easy-to-use online forms and integrated document management make filling out paperwork simple, important documents can be shared via HR portals and, with everything in one place, nothing gets lost.

Form BuilderDocument Management

e-signature document

Communication hubs

Bring people together

Much more than just a self-service HR system, Cezanne HR comes with easy-to-set-up HR portals that make it simple to keep employees in touch with the company and each other.

Anyone can be allowed to set up portals, post news or provide feedback and, since you can have as many portals as you want, you can encourage special interest groups too.

HR portals & workspaces
Conversation between employees in Communication hub

Holiday & Absence Management

Make managing time off easy

Employees will love how simple it is to check holiday and TOIL balances, view team calendars and submit holiday requests using your self-service HR software.

Sickness absences can be recorded in seconds, supporting documentation uploaded easily and everyone benefits from a smoother process.

Absence Management
Holiday entitlement calculator

Performance Management

Ensure better conversations

Online performance appraisals and continuous assessments help employees stay on top of objectives and get more from performance reviews.

Goals are easy to see, conversations with managers stay visible and agreed actions are less likely to get overlooked. It’s a better experience for everyone.

Performance Management
Performance management conversation

Time tracking

Work more productively

Easy-to-complete online timesheets and digital clock in/clock out from PC, tablet or smartphone make recording time worked a breeze – even when employees are on the move or working remotely.

Faster, easier and more accurate time entry means less paperwork and more productive employees.

Timesheets and Clocking in/out
Online timesheet

Training and development

Engage for the future

Cezanne HR’s core People module makes it easy for employees to see completed and planned development activities at any time. And, with the performance module, you’ll give them the confidence of knowing that their career aspirations and development activities agreed with their manager are recorded too.

It’s the perfect way to keep employees engaged and demonstrate that you are investing in their future.

Training & Development
List of training sessions

Manager self-service

Give line managers a helping hand

Easy online access to up-to-date information and smart time-saving tools make it easier for managers to support and manage their teams


Accurate insights

Accurate insights, Employee details


Fast online access to data about absences, performance, skills, training and more, ensures team leaders can better support and manage their people.

Easy online approvals

Easy online approvals, approval notification


Intuitive approval processes and personalised dashboards let busy managers easily check and approve requests and manage other HR-related tasks.

Automatic notifications

Automatic notifications, manager clicking 'approve now' from email notification


E-mail notifications make it simple for managers to stay on top of every kind of event, from upcoming absences to ending probation periods.

Online calendars

Online calendar


Always up-to-date calendars allow managers to check resource coverage across their own teams, or related departments, at any time.

Manager portals

Manager portal


Private workspaces are easy to set up so you can provide managers with shared access to helpful resources and a forum for feedback and discussion.

Time-saving features

Time-saving features, cezanne HR functionality


From flagging up conflicting leave requests to task delegation, Cezanne HR provides a host of tools designed to cut admin overheads.

Compensation Planning

Enable better decisions

With Cezanne HR, your line managers are at the centre of your compensation plan. With access to real-time salary and bonus details, they are empowered to make better-informed pay decisions. And, with automated notifications, Cezanne HR’s user-friendly Compensation Planning module ensures that reviews are done fairly and in a timely manner.

Easy access to the latest budgets and benchmarking information enables line managers to make data and performance-based decisions without bias. In addition, employees have secure access to their updated reward details and compensation statements – all without the hassle of back and forth emails with HR.

Compensation Planning
self service compensation

HR self-service

Support your HR team

Cezanne HR gives you the freedom to set up as many HR roles as you want, each with different permissions, so you can provide the right level of access to every one of your colleagues, wherever they are based.

They’ll benefit from a shared view of the people and information that’s relevant to them, and you’ll have the flexibility to configure approval workflows, portals, forms and more to reflect local working practices and legislative requirements.

HR self-service, List of permissions turning off and on

Self-service software security

Set the right permissions

Cezanne HR is built to keep your data safe. Alongside the inbuilt security, it allows you to configure multiple HR, manager and employee self-service roles, giving you control over who can see or change data.


Secure logins

Benefit from advanced password protection and optional two-step authentication. Or, ask your IT team to set up Cezanne HR to use your preferred single sign-on technology.

Set permissions

Link employees, managers and local HR to different roles, each with their own permissions, so you have control over the information and documents they can see or edit.

Authorise changes

Validate changes where sensitive or key data is involved. For example, if you’ve allowed employees to update their bank information, changes are automatically routed for approval.

Define involvement

Decide what employees or their managers can see or change in key processes, such as performance appraisals or time sheet set up and review.

Enable compliance

Hold data against the appropriate records. For example, store grievance and disciplinary information against the process, not the individuals involved.

Control reporting

Crucially, Cezanne HR’s sophisticated security means employees, managers and restricted HR only see the information their settings permit them to see.

Engage employees

Reflect your culture and branding

Cezanne HR has been designed so you can adapt it to reflect your company and way of working. You can use your own terminology, add your logo, set colour schemes and tailor dashboards with images, embedded videos, messages and much more. We want your self-service HR software to feel like it really belongs to you.

Onboarding portals are just as flexible, allowing you to easily set up new joiner portals that are tailored to different locations, languages and even roles.

Let’s transform HR together

Cezanne HR is trusted by thousands of HR professionals to help them better manage, support, engage, pay and connect their people. Get in touch today to learn more.

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