HR Self-service software

A better experience for everyone

Make HR more personal and more productive with secure online self-service HR software that keeps your workforce engaged and lets them help themselves to the information they need. They’ll benefit from easy online access, streamlined approval processes and time-saving notifications. You’ll benefit from dramatically reduced admin overheads, better-informed managers and happier employees.

Configurable security options mean you can provide limited access to regional HR administrators or suppliers, or give new joiners logins to help with smoother onboarding.

When you take on a system that does everything Cezanne HR can do, you achieve a big win! Most businesses are motivated by reducing HR administration and saving time, but the true win with a system like Cezanne HR is that your employees will find it really helpful. Don’t underestimate this as it’s a really big tick for your company


Save everyone time

Everyone benefits from great self-service. With Cezanne HR, information is easier to keep up to date, processes run more smoothly, and key activities don’t get over looked.


Support employees

Let employees help themselves to the information they need, update their own details, and submit requests online.

Empower managers

Help managers stay on top of key activities with automatic alerts, and easy access to up-to-date team information, calendars and more.

Encourage communication

Ensure that everyone feels connected with up-to-the-minute organisation charts, and contact lists, and by taking advantage of the integrated HR portal.

Streamline processes

Automatically route requests and activities through your review and approval processes, and easily see outstanding task and activities.

Store documents

Upload key documents, such as contracts or payslips, to employee records, so they are easier to find. There’s no extra charge for storage.

Think global

Help employees feel at home by allowing them to select their preferred date/time configuration, and local language if available.



Use on any device

Thanks to modern HTML5 technologies and responsive design, Cezanne HR can be used from any device with a modern web browser. Screens automatically re-size to make optimal use of space on your PC, Laptop, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone.

For an even simpler and more immediate experience, take a look at our mobile app.

See Cezanne HR on mobile
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Keep sensitive HR data safe

Sharing information should be simple, but it has to be protected too. That’s why we made it easy for you to control who can see or change your HR data.


Secure logins

Benefit from advanced password protection and optional two-step authentication. Or, ask your IT team to set up Cezanne HR to use your preferred Single Sign On technology.

Set permissions

Link employees, managers and local HR to different roles, each with their own permissions, so you have control over the information and documents they can see or edit.

Authorise changes

Validate changes where sensitive or key data is involved. For example, if you’ve allowed employees to update their bank information, changes are automatically routed for approval.

Define involvement

Decide what employee or their managers can see or change in key processes, such as performance appraisals or time sheet set up and review.

Enable compliance

Hold data against the appropriate records. For example, store grievance and disciplinary information against the process, not the individuals involved.

Control reporting

Crucially, query and reporting is built into the Cezanne HR system, so employees, managers and restricted HR, only see the information their role permits them to see.

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