London, United Kingdom: Cezanne HR is delighted to announce the release of the Insights analytics module, the latest addition to Cezanne HR’s growing HR software suite.

Designed for busy HR teams and line managers, Insights is a sophisticated but easy-to-use people analytics platform that combines best-practice HR dashboards and metrics with straightforward configuration options and predictive capabilities.

John Hixon, Director of R&D at Cezanne HR says: “We know just how much pressure HR teams and line managers are under, and how vital it is for them to have fast, easy access to data that helps them do their job better. With Insights, we can offer them an advanced people analytics platform that is enormously flexible, visual and simple to use – and puts them in control of what matters most to them.”

The new module builds on the reporting and HR analytics already available in Cezanne HR, allowing Cezanne HR’s customers to build their own analytics dashboards, drill downs and reports, set company-specific metrics and benefit from predictive capabilities.

  • Provides an accurate view of workforce dynamics, such as employee turnover and diversity
  • Surfaces trends that need investigation, such as rising absence levels or staff churn
  • Allows easy interrogation of data that may uncover root causes and suggest solutions
  • Converts HR data into easy-to-interpret visual intelligence that helps drive change
  • Allows HR teams to track and evidence the impact of HR initiatives
  • Ensures decisions are data led
  • Automates management reporting

hr analytics

hr insights report

Insights goes beyond straightforward analytics dashboards to provide predictive capabilities that help HR stay on top of trends, and automatically flags up when things don’t look right. For example, it can highlight a sudden increase in sickness absence across one part of the business, or an exodus of senior staff in another. HR teams can then interrogate their HR data to see if they can uncover possible causes – and use that data to initiate positive change.

hr analytics dashboard

The new module also saves HR teams hours of time by automatically collating and sharing graphical management reports as ready-to-use company-branded PowerPoint presentations.

Cezanne HR’s Insights module includes:

  • Best-practice dashboards and reports: that can be easily adapted
  • Drag and drop report builder: for straightforward report-building
  • Simple business language queries: for quick ad hoc questions
  • Predictive capabilities: that automatically surface important trends
  • Fast data drill down: enabling dynamic drill through and filtering of data
  • Easy configuration options: designed for HR professionals and line managers
  • Advanced security options: to keep sensitive HR data safe
  • Automated report packs: for easy scheduling and sharing of professionally formatted report packs

Insights is an integrated module for the Cezanne HR suite. To learn more, please get in touch.

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