HR Analytics and Metrics

See HR data in a new light

Every one of Cezanne HR’s modules comes with its own best-practice dashboards, queries and reports together with the option to easily create, save, share and schedule reports that match your needs. The Insights module builds on that foundation, adding the benefit of data-derived trends and alerts and the freedom to add to your library of graphical reports and dashboards.

  • See data-derived alerts, trends and predictions
  • Extend your library of graphical reports, dashboards and drill-downs
  • Generate and distribute graphical management report packs
HR analytics dashboard screenshot

Reports and Dashboards

Beautifully simple dashboards

Insights turns your Cezanne HR data into graphical reports that makes information easier to understand and act on. Personalised dashboards can be configured in seconds, ensuring everyone has fast access to the reports that are most important to them.

Interrogating data is equally straightforward. In just a click you can drill into the detail behind your charts and view your information from different perspectives.

hr software analytics reports screenshot

Powerful report builder

Easy graphical reporting options

Alongside a host of pre-configured best-practice reports, Insights comes with intuitive tools that let you quickly build, save and share graphical reports or run ad hoc queries.

Advanced security means you can allow HR colleagues and line managers to safely and simply create their own reports. Time is saved as they’ll only ever see data related to their roles and everyone gets the information they need.

Automated Report Packs

Presentation-ready reports

With Insights, you won’t need to waste time converting your great-looking graphs into read-to-use report packs. Simply define the charts you want to share, set who should get them and when, and let the system do the rest for you.

Reports are distributed as PowerPoint presentations that use your company templates, with the option to attach Excel files if required.

What makes Insights different?

Designed for busy HR professionals, not data scientists

Insights makes data analysis simpler. It puts best-practice reports at your fingertips, constantly monitors your HR data and flags up trends you need to know about, and provides the tools you need to ensure everyone can make better-informed decisions faster.


Expert analytics platform

Replace time-consuming, manual analysis with automated insights from pre-configured reports, dashboards and metrics that you can build on.

Personalised dashboards

Let HR and line managers create personalised dashboards, so they have easy access to the information that’s most valuable to them.

Everyday language

Explore data and get answers faster with natural language queries and results that use familiar business terms.

Manage metrics

Ensure HR impact by selecting, tailoring and sharing metrics that match your organisational goals.

Stay informed

Uncover valuable information and dynamically detect trends that you might not see or have time to discover.

Straightforward scheduling

Generate and distribute ready-to-use professional management reports that reflect your company brand.

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