Cezanne HR is delighted to announce the latest update to their Cloud HR system is now live.

Alongside major new functionality for the integrated Time module, the February 2020 release includes time-saving updates to the library of international public holidays, improved insight for firms in the financial services sector, and new features voted for by customers.

Time gains an extra dimension: Clocking in and out

The Time module, with it’s easy-to-configure digital timesheets, has long been a popular part of the Cezanne HR suite. With this release, Cezanne HR’s customers now benefit from the option to also track attendance, using technology they already have.

Employees can quickly and easily log when they start and finish the working day, either by logging on to their Cezanne HR system, or by tapping in and out on a company tablet. Data is instantly updated in the core Cezanne HR system, cutting out unnecessary administration, improving accuracy and ensuring a complete history is maintained.

Alongside real-time attendance tracking and reporting, customers benefit from the option to define their own exception rules, such as how early or late an employee can check in and out, and to set up different time plans for different groups of employees.

Time clock in and out table

John Hixon, Director of R&D at Cezanne HR explains: “The initial impetus for this new functionality was the introduction of legislation in Spain, which makes it mandatory for companies to keep a daily record of the hours employees work. However, in talking with customers elsewhere, it quickly became clear that there is a significant demand for a straightforward attendance tracking system that integrates with core HR – and doesn’t require expensive, specialist hardware or software.

“I am really happy with the solution our team has developed, and we’re looking forward to working with customers to add in even more flexibility in the future”.

Update to Public Holiday libraries

A real time-save for HR teams is the automatic, accurate calculation of entitlement to paid time off that is at the heart of Cezanne HR’s Absence module. To make admin even more straightforward, the Absence events library in Cezanne HR has been updated to include public holidays across key geographies in 2022.

Instead of having to add these dates to each and every local calendar manually, HR administrators can simply navigate to the library, select the country calendars they want and import the relevant dates.

SMCR compliance

From recruitment and onboarding through performance reviews and succession planning to managing conduct, culture and certification, the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) adds a significant additional administrative burden for HR teams.

Cezanne HR already has many of the features needed to support HR with SMCR compliance, and with this update we’ve made sure that staff covered by either the Senior Managers Regime or the Certification requirements are easier to identify and report on.

SMCR compliance table

Full details of these and other new features added in this release, and all previous updates, are available to customers in the support portal.