Online timesheets

Headache-free timesheets

Cezanne HR’s integrated Time module uses the data in your Cezanne HR system to automatically generate online timesheets and ensure they reach the right people at the right time.

Setting up timesheets is easy and, with intuitive self-service and inbuilt validation, employees will find completing timesheets a breeze!

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Online timesheets on mobile

Timesheet set up

Configure to fit your needs

Easy-to-use configuration options give you the freedom to set up timesheets that reflect the way your business works. You get to choose how time is tracked, what needs to be accounted for, the projects individual employees are working on, what needs to be rebilled and much more.

The system will even pre-populate individual timesheets with the relevant information, saving everyone time week after week.

Timesheet set up

Employee self-service

Clear, simple, fast and accurate

Straight-forward layouts, on-screen data validation and easy online access 24/7 ensure employees find timesheet completion easy.


We’ve recently found the Time module to be very handy for tracking the time our HR department spends on consultancy work for our customers.

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Approval workflows

Simplify sign-off

Submitted timesheets are instantly routed through your authorisation processes, so everyone saves time. Depending on your rules, approvers can be allowed to amend data, or annotate and reject timesheets, for re-submission.

You’ve also the option to set different cycles for different timesheets. For example, to have a single step sign-off for some staff, or require authorisation by multiple managers, and copy to finance for billing or payroll for others.

Approval workflow, approval email notification and task box

Tracking and reporting

Stay in control

Digitising your timesheets means data is centralised, and everyone benefits from complete visibility over the submission and review cycle. It’s easy to step in and nudge the process along if you need to.

Reporting is equally straight-forward. Time worked on client projects can be exported for billing, approved overtime used for payroll, or data used to analyse how time is being spent to enable effective resourcing decisions.

Tracking & reporting

Say goodbye to unnecessary admin

Make the most of your time with Cezanne HR’s flexible, integrated timesheet functionality.


Avoid duplication

Benefit from an integrated solution. There’s no need to re-key employee data or worry about the impact of working time patterns or public holidays.

Automate processes

Ditch time-wasting paperwork and approval bottlenecks in favour of a seamless, automated online experience that works better for everyone.

Digitise data

Improve insight with automatic notifications, secure 24/7 access to the latest information and a more complete view of activities across your business.

Clocking In/Out

Take advantage of the technology you already have

Avoid the need for expensive stand-alone solutions and let employees clock in and out from their Cezanne HR system, a mobile app or a tablet on the door.

Digital clock-in

Pick the approach that works for you

With Time, you can choose to let employees clock in and out from their Cezanne HR system, mobile phone or tablet. For the tablet app, all they need is to enter their personal pin. The system validates their identity and instantly updates their record, so all your data is in one place.

Setting up the tablet takes just moments, and you can have them in as many locations as you want.

Digital clock-in, employee click clock in

Exception rules

Keep a check on hours worked

For each time plan, you can define associated exception rules that automatically flag when employees don’t work the expected hours, perhaps because they clocked in too early, or too late, or forget to clock out at all.

Exceptions are easy to review, with HR or line managers able to decide how to handle each occurrence. For example, to accept, amend or reject the record – in which case the employee is automatically notified.

Exception rules, list of exception rules

Know where time is going

Help your business manage time better with up-to-date information all in one place.


Accurate reporting

Easily run reports on attendance, lateness or hours above maximum, and see IP addresses and Geolocation.

Data export

Export data from your Cezanne HR system for further analysis, or to import into your payroll software.

Global flexibility

Reflect local time zones or working time patterns and benefit from free language translations.

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