Online timesheets

Save time, improve accuracy

The integrated Time module streamlines every aspect of time recording, from the initial set up of timesheets to completion and sign off, using the data you have in your Cezanne HR system to route the right information to the right people at the right time.

  • Create and manage multiple timesheets
  • Simplify completion
  • Route through your sign off process
  • Get more from your data
Time management software from Cezanne HR

Timesheet designer

Match your business requirement

Time has been designed so that you can set it up to record the information your business needs – from simple hours worked, to time spent across multiple projects and activities


Get going fast

Benefit from the HR data you already have. There’s no need to re-key employee data, or worry about the impact of working time patterns or public holidays.

Keep control

Define who can create or amend timesheets, and they can get going straight away. You’ll still have overall control, but none of the administration headache.

Flex to fit

Use timesheets to manage multiple projects, or simply record working hours, set different types (e.g. overtime, travel), define limits, and choose who should participate.

Improve accuracy

Personalised pick lists and clear layouts ensure employees can easily allocate time against the relevant activities. On-screen alerts flag up issues, so information is as accurate as possible before it’s submitted.

Automate approvals

Submitted timesheets are automatically routed to the authorising manager (or managers) for checking. Depending on permissions, timesheets can be amended, or annotated and rejected for re-submission.

Liberate data

Centralised timesheets mean tracking and reporting is instantly simpler. You can export data for payroll, billing or analysis – or upload data from other time management systems for a more complete view.

Timesheet set up

Track what matters

With Time, you’ll have the freedom to record time worked in different ways for different parts of the business, whether that’s to re-bill time spent on client projects, or help improve business efficiency by gaining better insight into how time is spent.

Timesheet owners can pre-define what time can be allocated to, such as specific projects, clients and activities, to help with consistent reporting, and whether or not overtime or travel counts towards billable hours.

Time management software from Cezanne HR

Employee self-service

Easy to use, quick to complete

Clear layouts and on-screen alerts help employees complete timesheets online quickly and accurately, whether that’s in the office, at home, or on the move.


The feedback on the Time module has been really positive. Information is updated on the system immediately, managers can sign off timesheets easily, and everyone knows exactly where they are.

Medstrom Healthcare


Simplify sign-off

As soon as an employee submits their timesheet, it is routed through your approval processes, whether that’s a single step sign-off or a multi-stage process. For example, to require authorisation by multiple managers, and copy to finance for billing or payroll.

Depending on permissions, timesheets can be amended, or annotated and rejected for re-submission. It’s a simple, straight-forward way to ensure information is accurately recorded, timesheets are completed on time and everyone is kept informed.

Workflow in Cezanne HR

Tracking & Reporting

Stay in control

With all of your timesheet data in one place, it’s much easier for everyone to ensure processes keep flowing smoothly. At any point, you can check timesheet status, and nudge them along if need be.

Reporting is equally straight-forward. Time worked on client projects can be exported for billing, approved overtime used for payroll, or you can simply use the data to analyse how time is being spent, so it is easier to make effective resourcing decisions.

tracking and reporting from Cezanne HR

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