London, United Kingdom, May 25 2022: Cezanne HR, the UK’s leading supplier of modern, easy-to-adapt and feature-rich HR software for mid-sized businesses, is delighted to announce the release of their new Pulse Surveys module.

The module is the latest addition to Cezanne HR’s growing HR software suite and helps busy HR teams keep a finger on the pulse of employee engagement. With real-time analytical data and a wonderfully easy-to-use survey builder, the module is a crucial addition for organisations looking to monitor, investigate and improve their levels of staff engagement.

John Hixon, Cezanne HR’s Director of R&D, commented that “The subject of engagement is never far away from the thoughts of HR teams, especially when we consider that right now the number of employees leaving their roles is at its highest since 2009.”

“Pulse surveys can help HR teams both understand and enhance the employee experience at their organisation. Instead of waiting for the results of annual or bi-annual engagement surveys, pulse surveys help HR teams to track employee engagement and sentiment throughout a year – empowering them to react quickly and effectively to ever-changing engagement landscapes.”

The new module setup can be configured so customers can include questions that generate both eNPS (Employee Net Promotor Score) and average scores. Surveys are quick and easy for employees to respond to, and detailed analytics are automatically generated from survey responses. This is an especially helpful feature and can be used by HR professionals to measure vital engagement over time.

Key features include:

  • Real-time, detailed analytics: survey completion data is generated ‘as it happens’, along with break downs by question, org unit and timelines
  • Graphical charting of Employee Net Promotor Score: for easy analysis
  • Choice of answer types: including 0-10 sliding scales, star or smiley ratings
  • Mobile-first survey design: encourages a high response rate
  • Survey anonymity: option to hide respondent details.

Pulse Surveys is an integrated module for the Cezanne HR suite. To learn more, please get in touch.

Read our quickfire guide to pulse surveys here.

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