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Erika Lucas

Writer and Communications Consultant

Erika Lucas is a writer and communications consultant with a special interest in HR, leadership, management and personal development. Her career has spanned journalism and PR, with previous roles in regional press, BBC Radio, PR consultancy, charities and business schools.

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How to get to grips with people data

HR people have long been the target of accusations that they are not sufficiently tech-savvy and are behind their peers in other professions when it comes to leveraging data. But while there are undoubtedly a few technophobes still out there, […]

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Man sunbathing

HR podcasts for by the pool

So the great Summer get-away has begun. The out-of-office is on, the suitcase is packed and you’re looking forward to a couple of weeks in the sun. Holidays should of course be about switching off, relaxing and leaving the pressures […]

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A spade dug in the ground

Why HR needs to dig beneath the data

There’s an awful lot of talk around about people data and the key role it has to play in helping HR drive performance and understand what makes the workforce tick. Recent CIPD research, for example, has shown that organisations with […]

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The world cup in front of a Russian flag

The HR Guide to the World Cup

How many empty chairs were there in your office on Monday morning after England’s 6-1 victory over Panama? Sporting events like the World Cup do present some challenges for HR. What’s the policy on  allowing people to watch crucial games […]

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Two men looking at a laptop

Tapping into new training trends

Giving people the training they need to progress their careers and keep up with the changing needs of the business is critical in today’s competitive, fast-moving climate. In its recent Labour Market Outlook, the CIPD warns that the next war […]

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Promo for the Personnel Today Awards

Could you win an industry award?

Have you transformed your business with the innovative use of HR technology? If so, don’t hide your light under a bushel – put yourself forward for some well-deserved recognition by entering this year’s Personnel Today Awards. The ‘Excellence in HR […]

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