Cezanne HR’s holiday traditions from around the globe

Illustration of employees standing on a globe

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, a different religious festival or a more secular holiday, you’ll probably have your own traditions that make the season special to you. Here in the UK, the archetypal Christmas usually involves: dragging a tree into the house and decorating it with lights and tinsel, eating until your heart’s content, and eagerly […]

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Formas fáceis de melhorar o recrutamento de funcionários (e por que deve atentar-se a isso)

Como melhorar o recrutamento de funcionários?

O processo de busca por funcionários para uma empresa pode ser realizado de forma mais eficiente, principalmente para quem está procurando candidatos qualificados. Vamos mostrar aqui que, com apenas um software de RH, é possível melhorar o recrutamento de funcionários, a experiência do candidato e otimizar todo o processo. O recrutamento precisa ser feito com […]

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How to deal with a difficult performance review

Two employees talking over coffee

No-one likes having to give an employee difficult feedback, but there are times when issues just can’t be ignored. If performance has dipped, serious mistakes are being made or there are problems around attitude and behaviour, its important to tackle it head on. If people don’t get feedback nothing will change – and it could […]

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Frictionless HR: The next big trend?

Bobsleigh team setting off

Your overtime sheet or holiday request form sits in the manager’s in tray while they are away on business for five days. An employee rings HR to ask how many days remain from their holiday entitlement. HR is asked for a report on absence in department X by the manager. Whilst recruiting, applications are sent […]

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Making the most of performance reviews

Two office workers sat at a table talking

The last quarter of the year is the time when many organisations start to plan for – or even kick off – their annual round of performance reviews. It can be a challenging and frustrating time for HR. Managers often have to be pursued relentlessly to put appraisal dates in their diaries and don’t always […]

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Risk-free implementation for your HR software

Person jumping off a mountain

You’ve selected your HR software, now comes the task of implementing it. I’m often asked “how can I be sure to get this part right?” Part of the answer actually lies in the preparation you have done during the selection process, which will indicate your current state of readiness. At this point you should have: […]

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7 TED Talks to get you thinking


Here at Cezanne HR, we love a good TED talk. And since Company Culture is a hot topic right now, we’ve put together a collection of videos that will get you thinking about your own culture. So make yourself a coffee, put your thinking hat on, sit back and enjoy! Dan Ariely: What makes us […]

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HR in the charity sector – insight from the front line

Four volunteers huddled together

It’s probably fair to say that for many of us, there’s a perception that in the charity sector pay will be below average, practices might be a bit outdated and that budgets for HR initiatives will be tight. Talk to HR practitioners working in the third sector, however, and a very different picture emerges. To […]

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Get set for success with apprenticeships

Young man working at a computer

The Apprenticeships scheme is up for an overhaul with the Chancellor’s budget announcement that contributions for non levy-paying organisations will be halved. The reduction in training payments comes as part of a wider £695 million package to support apprenticeships, and follows news that greater flexibility over the use of funds is also being introduced. It’s […]

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