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Are you an ostrich or a magpie?

ostrich magpie

Let me ask you a question. Are you an ostrich or a magpie? I know what you’re thinking. But this isn’t some kind of wacky management training exercise, it’s a serious question about how open your business is to trying out new and different technologies and techniques. In a recent report, the CBI suggests that […]

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GDPR: building a culture of responsibility


With the GDPR fast approaching, companies are busy putting the right policies, processes and HR software in place to help manage their data and ensure compliance with the new regulations. But as any HR professional will tell you, having ‘rules’ in place doesn’t necessarily mean people will follow them, even if the consequences have been […]

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5 reasons you should be doing back-to-work interviews


Research has shown that return-to-work interviews play a significant part in helping organisations to reduce absence levels. But as HR professionals will know, line managers are often reluctant to sit down, either formally or informally, with their employees when they come back to work after being off sick. Usually, it’s because they see it as […]

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How to prepare for the perfect performance review


I’m really looking forward to the next round of performance reviews – said no manager, ever. Endless form filling and the task of fitting appraisal meetings into an already packed diary can make performance management feel like a real chore. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Handled well, the formal appraisal is a […]

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How to make performance appraisals work

performance review

Performance management is high on the agenda for many organisations. In an increasingly competitive business climate, companies can’t afford to have ‘coasters’. They need their people to be performing at peak and agile enough to respond to new opportunities and shifts in the market. There is an increasing body of evidence that suggests the majority […]

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Why it’s easy to justify the cost of global HR software

Why its easy to justify the cost of global hr software

Managing a global workforce isn’t easy. In a business with geographically dispersed staff, HR practitioners have to cope with the challenges of managing people consistently against a backdrop of different languages, different currencies and different working patterns – not to mention employment law that varies widely from country to country. So why is it that […]

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How to find out why your people are really leaving

A fascinating article in this month’s Human Resource Executive looks at how American fast food chain Taco Bell has tackled a crippling staff turnover issue. Working with consultancy Mercer, Taco Bell embarked on what is described as an “analytics fuelled mission” to get to the bottom of why people were leaving – and what the […]

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