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Erika Lucas

Top five HR skills for the future

HR people are usually so busy focusing on helping everyone else plan their careers, that they pay scant attention to managing their own. But in an increasingly automated and digitised world, HR careers as we know them are likely to change significantly in the future. At a recent CIPD careers event, Head of Strategy Development […]

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How to recruit quickly for critical roles

It’s not hard to spot the signs of an employee who has become disenchanted with their job. Frequent stepping outside for private phone calls. Requests for odd days off at short notice. An increasingly active presence on LinkedIn. If the latest Job Exodus Trends report from Investors in People (IIP) is to be believed, employers […]

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Why you need to get started on succession planning

career plan report

The second week of January is prime job hunting time. The extended break has given people a chance to sit back and reflect. Resolutions about revitalising careers have been made, CVs have been polished and the search for new opportunities begins. A few weeks later – when the resulting flood of resignations starts – many […]

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Five ways to set yourself up for success in 2018


And so unwillingly back to work, after what for many of us has been an extended break. It can be difficult to crank yourself into gear after the festive season. It’s cold, dark, we feel sluggish (well I do anyway) and you can’t quite remember exactly what it was you were doing before Christmas. But […]

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What is the right approach to performance reviews?


Intuitively, most of us know that praising people for what they’ve done well – as opposed to bawling them out for what they’ve done badly – is likely to result in a more motivated, engaged and productive workforce. But as the report (Strength-based Performance Conversations: an organisational field trial) points out, often our default setting […]

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Are you an ostrich or a magpie?

ostrich magpie

Let me ask you a question. Are you an ostrich or a magpie? I know what you’re thinking. But this isn’t some kind of wacky management training exercise, it’s a serious question about how open your business is to trying out new and different technologies and techniques. In a recent report, the CBI suggests that […]

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GDPR: building a culture of responsibility


With the GDPR fast approaching, companies are busy putting the right policies, processes and HR software in place to help manage their data and ensure compliance with the new regulations. But as any HR professional will tell you, having ‘rules’ in place doesn’t necessarily mean people will follow them, even if the consequences have been […]

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