Want to be in demand? Brush up your digital HR skills

Illustration of digital symbols in clouds

Further confirmation – if it were needed – that digital skills are going to be core for HR professionals of the future, comes in the shape of a recent article from the HR Director. The magazine puts digital-savvy HR advisors in the top 10 most in-demand roles for 2019. There’s no doubt that technology is […]

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Why soft skills are rising up the training agenda

Illustration of 2 employees chatting

In a future where Artificial Intelligence is predicted to change the face of work as we know it, employers are switching on to the fact that soft skills will become an increasingly important competence for their people. The ‘robots’ may well have the ability to crunch the numbers and automate pretty much every core corporate […]

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How to make hiring hassle-free

Illustration of people shaking hands

Another week, another gloomy prediction about the recruitment issues employers are likely to be grappling with in the coming months. This time, it’s the turn of the union Prospect, who in a survey reported in HR Magazine, say two thirds of its EU worker members are considering leaving the UK because of Brexit. The full […]

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What are the top 3 priorities for HR in 2019?

Illustration of a tablet

January is traditionally the time when HR commentators look ahead at the challenges likely to be facing the profession in the coming year.  Increasing digitisation and further advances in Artificial Intelligence feature heavily in the predictions that have hit the pages of the sector press so far. There are likely to be ongoing employment law […]

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How to deal with a difficult performance review

Two employees talking over coffee

No-one likes having to give an employee difficult feedback, but there are times when issues just can’t be ignored. If performance has dipped, serious mistakes are being made or there are problems around attitude and behaviour, its important to tackle it head on. If people don’t get feedback nothing will change – and it could […]

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Making the most of performance reviews

Two office workers sat at a table talking

The last quarter of the year is the time when many organisations start to plan for – or even kick off – their annual round of performance reviews. It can be a challenging and frustrating time for HR. Managers often have to be pursued relentlessly to put appraisal dates in their diaries and don’t always […]

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Get set for success with apprenticeships

Young man working at a computer

The Apprenticeships scheme is up for an overhaul with the Chancellor’s budget announcement that contributions for non levy-paying organisations will be halved. The reduction in training payments comes as part of a wider £695 million package to support apprenticeships, and follows news that greater flexibility over the use of funds is also being introduced. It’s […]

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Could your HR record-keeping put your business at risk?

Laptop showing form builder software from Cezanne HR

A recent court case has highlighted the importance of having a reliable system for managing and storing important people-related paperwork. In the case of Tenon V Cawley, the employer alleged that Miss Cawley, a member of its senior management team, was in breach of restrictive convenants in her contract of employment. When the case came […]

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