Cezanne HR’s holiday traditions from around the globe

Illustration of employees standing on a globe

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, a different religious festival or a more secular holiday, you’ll probably have your own traditions that make the season special to you. Here in the UK, the archetypal Christmas usually involves: dragging a tree into the house and decorating it with lights and tinsel, eating until your heart’s content, and eagerly […]

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7 TED Talks to get you thinking


Here at Cezanne HR, we love a good TED talk. And since Company Culture is a hot topic right now, we’ve put together a collection of videos that will get you thinking about your own culture. So make yourself a coffee, put your thinking hat on, sit back and enjoy! Dan Ariely: What makes us […]

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What is onboarding software and which features should you look out for?

Photo of people shaking hands

Onboarding software supports you in delivering an engaging experience for new hires, so they connect with their new organisation and colleagues from the moment they’re offered the job. Onboarding systems are also designed to automate and streamline many of the more time consuming administrative tasks that come with bringing new employees into the organisation. Without […]

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What is a 9-box grid and why might you find it helpful?

9-box grid explained

A 9-box grid is a tool that is widely used in HR to help facilitate conversations about employee development and succession planning. Employees are mapped against two axis, typically current performance and future potential. Historically, the focus was on leadership, but the grid was quickly adapted for use with other groups of employees, such as […]

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Top tips for creating a compelling careers page


No matter how your job applicants come to you, whether it’s online, through a colleague/friend, or via a recruiter, one thing you can be sure of, at some stage they’ll check out the careers page on your website. So, what is it that candidates expect from your website, and how can you be sure that […]

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Easy ways to improve recruitment (and why you need to care)


As a recent graduate, I’m no stranger to the process of job hunting. Scrolling endlessly through online job boards, spending hours writing cover letters and CVs, tailoring them to each individual job spec and then spell checking again and again (and again). It’s an exhausting process, so it’s only fair that companies acknowledge the hard […]

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How to create great onboarding videos on a budget

Smartphone in camera stand

We’ve all heard the idiom ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ – and it seems that videos are even more effective. According to the leading research and advisory firm Forrester, a minute of video is thought to be worth around 1.8 million words, and viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in […]

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Tips for getting the most out of the CIPD HR software show 2018

HRSS 2018

Are you looking for the best HR software for your business? When considering whether to ditch the disconnected spreadsheets in favour of a joined up HR software system, or even switch from one vendor to another, the CIPD HR Software Show is a great place to start. The event is taking place this Wednesday and Thursday, and it’s […]

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