Three ways HR can boost happiness at work

Illustration of employees jumping in the air

How ‘happy’ is your workplace? Do jokes get thrown around the office? Are people smiling and engaging with one another? Or is a silent, uncomfortable atmosphere where everyone keeps their heads down? Recent research by Ivan Robertson and Carry Cooper tells us that employees’ happiness at work is, to some extent, determined by the personality […]

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Should you be doing more to help your gig workers?

Illustration of Cezanne HR software in different tablets

The gig economy has again been hitting the headlines, with courier company Hermes announcing the creation of a new worker status, ‘self-employed plus’. This move, considered by many to be a huge step towards a fairer gig economy, guarantees minimum wage and holiday pay to its drivers without affecting their self-employed status. With labour shortages […]

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Onboarding’s for life, not just for new starters

Two employees shaking hands

Most HR practitioners are fully aware of the benefits of having a well-thought-out onboarding process. With all the research pointing the same way – that those who onboard new employees properly boast higher employee retention rates and save on recruitment costs – taking onboarding seriously should be a no brainer for employers. However, it seems […]

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Company culture: the imperative for HR

Illustration of employees playing ping pong

‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’, according to legendary management consultant and writer Peter Drucker. That’s not to say strategy isn’t important of course, but research confirms that culture plays a huge part in organisational success. With a bit of luck, your organisation already has a positive and well-defined company culture; one that starts from the […]

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Cezanne HR’s holiday traditions from around the globe

Illustration of employees standing on a globe

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, a different religious festival or a more secular holiday, you’ll probably have your own traditions that make the season special to you. Here in the UK, the archetypal Christmas usually involves: dragging a tree into the house and decorating it with lights and tinsel, eating until your heart’s content, and eagerly […]

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7 TED Talks to get you thinking


Here at Cezanne HR, we love a good TED talk. And since Company Culture is a hot topic right now, we’ve put together a collection of videos that will get you thinking about your own culture. So make yourself a coffee, put your thinking hat on, sit back and enjoy! Dan Ariely: What makes us […]

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