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Why did we pick AWS to host our HR software service?


When we first started to develop the Cezanne HR system, we had five key objectives – objectives that we still hold to today. The first was to develop a great HR software system that meets the real needs of today’s HR professionals, and the people and organisations they support. The second was put our clients […]

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Key questions to ask when a manager is failing

HR are often the first to notice when a manager is struggling with their role. There’s an unusually high turnover of staff in their team. Absence levels in the department are going through the roof. Project deadlines are slipping and performance is on a downward spiral. In these scenarios, it’s easy to assume that the […]

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How to up the ‘happiness factor’ at work

employee engagement

Look up from your desk for a moment and survey the people and the atmosphere around you. Are employees happy and smiling? Getting on with their work, but finding time to exchange pleasantries or enjoy the odd joke with colleagues? Or is the atmosphere a bit grim? Everyone with their heads down, looking miserable and […]

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Baby (Boomers) still in the corner at work

baby boomers work

A new survey out this week from Canada Life has added to the weight of research showing that older employees face a lack of support and ingrained negative attitudes at work. According to a report in HR Magazine, of the 1,000 plus people surveyed, only 12% felt older workers were appreciated and respected, while just […]

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How to get sign-off for your well-being initiative

What’s more important to your organisation: a healthy happy workforce or bringing in the business results? My guess is that you’d answer “both”. However, it’s a question that has been brought into sharp focus this week, with the publication of Aviva’s ‘Working Lives’ report, which highlights a strong feeling among employees that their welfare comes […]

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Do you have the right skills to thrive in HR?


In an increasingly volatile business climate, there are no ‘easy’ answers for organisations looking to develop and grow. HR – probably more than any other profession – often finds itself stuck in the middle, having to manage the inevitable tensions that arise between organisations, stakeholders and employees. In his latest book, Victory through Organisation, HR […]

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