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How wellness programmes can boost productivity

wellness programmes

Worrying news this week from Britain’s Healthiest Workplace (BHW), who report that unhealthy employees are costing firms dearly when it comes to productivity. BHW’s latest report looks at the link between employee ill-health and short term productivity loss. According to an article in HR Magazine, BHW found that British employers are losing an average of 27.5 […]

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Why you should love your HR software

love your hr software

If you’ve been watching the news this week, you’ll be in no doubt that the robots are coming. A new Oxford University study reports, ‘middle-class’ and middle-income jobs are at risk of being taken over by technology, with experts predicting 30% of jobs could be automated by as early as 2025. You’ll be pleased to […]

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How to have a constructive conversation about pay

conversation about pay

Job-hopping season is upon us and employees everywhere are dusting off their CVs, polishing their shoes and taking their interview outfits to the cleaners. You would think that after a tumultuous year – and in particular all the uncertainty created by Brexit – that people might be more likely to stay put in their roles. […]

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How to get your team energised for 2017


The festivities are finished and reluctantly back to work we go, having scraped the early-morning ice off our cars and battled our way through the daily commute. The first few days back after the holidays are often pretty unproductive. It takes time for people to slowly grind their brain back into gear and remember what on earth […]

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The top 7 Cezanne HR blogs of 2016

top blog posts

While many of us are closing up shop until 2017, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still be preparing for the year to come. Here are a few of our most viewed blogs from 2016 – covering everything from success in HR and Brexit, to performance reviews and flexible working. 1. Are you considering a career […]

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The Six Personas of HR: Which one(s) are you?


The end of the year is nigh, and HR people everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief that the staff Christmas party went off without major incident. But before you don your Santa hat and head off for the holidays, take some time to reflect on all the other hats you’ve worn this year. To […]

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Help your employees thrive

work-life balance

Well-being has been a hot topic this year with a plethora of research, articles and experts urging employers to invest in building healthy workforces. Glassdoor is the latest to jump on the bandwagon, with a new initiative designed to recognise companies who put well-being at the heart of everything they do. Employers are being invited […]

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Curbing business costs, not HR services

business costs

It’s the time of year when many HR teams find themselves under pressure to bring down costs – and commit to making limited budgets stretch even further. Faced with demands to reduce spending, it may feel as if the easiest option is to abandon the new initiatives you’ve got planned for the year ahead. You […]

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How HR can cut through ambiguity and make progress

make progress

HR is often a frustrating place to be these days. New initiatives that would take the business forward get stalled because another reorganisation is on the cards and no-one is quite sure what’s happening. Technology that would help people work more efficiently doesn’t get signed off because budgets are tight and future business needs are […]

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