Document & Email Generation

Create, send, track receipt and safely store personalised documents

Save time, improve consistency

Centralise and organise all of your correspondence

Cezanne HR makes creating, distributing and storing personalised documents and emails really straight forward. Just set up your templates, with the merge fields to include, and choose who to send them to. Cezanne HR takes care of the rest, using the data already in your Cezanne HR system to generate and send out any kind of employee communication, from job offers to pay awards.

  • Set up as many templates as you need
  • Generate emails and/or documents for individuals or groups
  • Flex to fit your communications needs: from onboarding to promotions
  • Choose how you track documents: opened, read, e-signatures

Create your own document and email templates

Benefit from a powerful editor and the option to select from over 130 employee-related merge fields

Create multiple templates

Use an existing Microsoft Word or PDF document, or start from scratch using the inbuilt editor.

Add merge fields

Personalise documents and emails by adding merge fields from the available employee-related fields.

Design layouts

Format text and layouts, and add logos, other images or links, to produce high quality documents and emails.


Collect e-signatures

Easily check to see if documents have been delivered, opened and, if required, collect an e-signature.

Store safely

Advanced security ensures correspondence is only available to those with the right security permissions.

Keep a history

Documents and emails are automatically dated and stored against individual employee records.

Keep everything in one place

Automatically filed; another chore taken care of

Each time a new document or email is generated, it’s automatically saved against the relevant employee record or records, and protected by Cezanne HR’s advanced security. You can upload documents too, and group them into categories, such as compensation or work events, so everything is easier to find.


We will not misuse your personal data – please read our Privacy Statement for full details.