Learning solutions for top performing companies

One platform, limitless learning

With Cezanne’s Learning Management System (LMS), you can deliver critical knowledge to employees, customers, and partners at any time, on any device — even offline. The comprehensive off-the-shelf content library combined with your company’s own custom training empowers employees to perform at their best: increasing customer engagement and loyalty, and strengthening commitment and contribution from the whole organisation.

Learning management system in laptop

Maximise talent development

Smarter and faster corporate learning

Effortlessly leverage learning as a key connection between people and performance – both on individual and organisational levels. With a wide range of outstanding training materials, you can develop your talent pipeline, reskill and upskill with engaging and easy-to-use software. Plus, you can also meet compliance requirements with our standard training offering.

LMS training

Rapid automation and vast content library

Increase engagement, efficiency and time-savings

Our intuitive LMS includes time-saving features for both admins and learners alike. Administration and communication tasks can all be automated, giving you time to focus on more rewarding objectives. Plus, content can be either be created from scratch with the built-in Content Author tool, or curated from the vast ready-to-use library – meaning you can provide high quality learning to your employees at a moment’s notice.

rapid automation

Create. Curate. Connect.

Learning in one simple solution

Learning is at the heart of any top-performing organisation. In a world where change is the only constant, businesses must be able to reskill, upskill, onboard, maintain compliance, and protect the physical and mental health of employees with greater agility than ever.

Improved employee experience and performance

Provide customisable learning experiences tailored to employees’ schedules to optimise productivity

Simpler regulatory compliance management

Benefit from our off-the-shelf training suite to easily meet 100% compliance requirements

Fun and engaging learning experience to develop talent

Make the learning experience both enjoyable and efficient with leadership boards, badges and gamification

Why you’ll love Cezanne’s Learning Management System

  • Ready to use content library
  • Fast and automated user onboarding
  • High engagement & adoption
  • Built-in content authoring
  • Robust reporting & analytics
  • Rapid automation & embedded AI

5 reasons why you need to prioritise employee career development in summary

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